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Polychaeta source details

Ehlers, E. (1918). Polychaete Anneliden von den Aru- und Kei-Inseln. Abhandlungen der Senckenbergischen naturforschenden Gesellschaft. 35(2): 229-259.
Ehlers, E.
Polychaete Anneliden von den Aru- und Kei-Inseln
Abhandlungen der Senckenbergischen naturforschenden Gesellschaft
35(2): 229-259
Kristian Fauchald's Polychaeta DB
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Ammotrypane polycheles (Grube, 1866) (additional source)
Ammotrypane remigera Ehlers, 1918 accepted as Ophelina remigera (Ehlers, 1918) (original description)
Chloeia zeylonica [auct. misspelling for ceylonica] accepted as Chloeia flava (Pallas, 1766) (basis of record)
Eunice antennata (Savigny in Lamarck, 1818) accepted as Leodice antennata Savigny in Lamarck, 1818 (additional source)
Eunice siciliensis Grube, 1840 accepted as Palola siciliensis (Grube, 1840) (additional source)
Glycera africana Arwidsson, 1899 (additional source)
Hesione splendida Lamarck, 1818 (additional source)
Laetmatonice brevihastata Ehlers, 1918 accepted as Laetmonice brevihastata (Ehlers, 1918) (original description)
Leanira festiva Grube, 1875 accepted as Euthalenessa festiva (Grube, 1875) (additional source)
Lepidonotus onisciformis Ehlers, 1918 (original description)
Lumbriconereis maxillosa Ehlers, 1918 accepted as Lumbrineris maxillosa Ehlers, 1918 (original description)
Nephthys palatii Gravier, 1904 accepted as Micronephthys palatii (Gravier, 1904) (additional source)
Nephthys spiribranchis Ehlers, 1918 accepted as Nephtys spiribranchis Ehlers, 1918 (original description)
Nereis seurati (Gravier, 1905) accepted as Perinereis seurati Gravier, 1905 accepted as Perinereis camiguina (Grube, 1878) (new combination reference)
Nereis unifasciata Willey, 1905 accepted as Neanthes unifasciata (Willey, 1905) (additional source)
Panthalis melanotus accepted as Panthalis melanonotus Grube, 1876 accepted as Acoetes melanonota (Grube, 1876) (basis of record)
Perinereis seurati Gravier, 1905 accepted as Perinereis camiguina (Grube, 1878) (additional source)
Pionosyllis fusigera Augener, 1913 accepted as Paraopisthosyllis fusigera (Augener, 1913) (additional source)
Protula procera Ehlers, 1918 (original description)
Stauronereis bioculata (Grube, 1856) accepted as Dorvillea bioculata (Grube, 1856) (new combination reference)

Pacific Ocean: Gambier Islands (French Polynesia); Aru Islands (Arafura Sea). [details]

 Type locality

Indonesia, Aru Islands, Sungi Manumbai (Soengai Manoembai?), on a rocky floor.  [details]

 Type locality

Penambulai Island, Aru Islands, Papua New Guinea, ~2°22'S 134°50'E, 2 Apr 1908 [details]