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Spencer, H.G., Marshall, B.A. & Willan, R.C. (2009). Checklist of New Zealand living Mollusca. Pp 196-219. in: Gordon, D.P. (ed.) New Zealand inventory of biodiversity. Volume one. Kingdom Animalia: Radiata, Lophotrochozoa, Deuterostomia. Canterbury University Press, Christchurch.
Spencer, H.G., Marshall, B.A. & Willan, R.C.
Checklist of New Zealand living Mollusca. Pp 196-219
in: Gordon, D.P. (ed.) New Zealand inventory of biodiversity. Volume one. Kingdom Animalia: Radiata, Lophotrochozoa, Deuterostomia
Canterbury University Press, Christchurch
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Abralia Gray, 1849 (additional source)
Abralia astrolineata Berry, 1914 (additional source)
Abraliopsis gilchristi (Robson, 1924) (additional source)
Abraliopsis tui Riddell, 1985 (additional source)
Amphitretus pelagicus Hoyle, 1885 (additional source)
Ancistrocheirus lesueurii (d'Orbigny [in Férussac & d'Orbigny], 1842) (additional source)
Ancistroteuthis lichtensteinii (Férussac [in Férussac & d'Orbigny], 1835) (additional source)
Antalis diarrhox (R. B. Watson, 1879) (additional source)
Antalis glaucarena (Dell, 1953) (additional source)
Antalis nana (Hutton, 1873) (additional source)
Antalis suteri (Emerson, 1954) (additional source)
Architeuthis dux Steenstrup, 1857 (additional source)
Argonauta argo Linnaeus, 1758 (additional source)
Bathothauma lyromma Chun, 1906 (additional source)
Benthoctopus clyderoperi O'Shea, 1999 accepted as Muusoctopus clyderoperi (O'Shea, 1999) (additional source)
Benthoctopus tangaroa O'Shea, 1999 accepted as Muusoctopus tangaroa (O'Shea, 1999) (additional source)
Benthoctopus tegginmathae O'Shea, 1999 accepted as Muusoctopus tegginmathae (O'Shea, 1999) (additional source)
Bolitaena microcotyla sensu Hoyle, 1904 accepted as Haliphron atlanticus Steenstrup, 1861 (additional source)
Cadulus teliger Finlay, 1926 (additional source)
Chiroteuthis d'Orbigny [in Férussac & d'Orbigny], 1841 (additional source)
Chiroteuthis capensis Voss, 1967 accepted as Chiroteuthis mega (Joubin, 1932) (additional source)
Chistikovia kermadecae Scarabino, 1995 (additional source)
Chtenopteryx Appellöf, 1890 (additional source)
Chtenopteryx sicula (Vérany, 1851) (additional source)
Cirroctopus hochbergi O'Shea, 1999 (additional source)
Cirroteuthis magna Hoyle, 1885 accepted as Cirrothauma magna (Hoyle, 1885) (additional source)
Cirroteuthis muelleri Eschricht, 1838 (additional source)
Compressidens Pilsbry & Sharp, 1897 (additional source)
Costentalina Chistikov, 1982 (additional source)
Cranchia scabra Leach, 1817 (additional source)
Cycloteuthis Joubin, 1919 (additional source)
Eledonella pygmaea A. E. Verrill, 1884 accepted as Bolitaena pygmaea (A. E. Verrill, 1884) (additional source)
Enoploteuthis galaxias Berry, 1918 (additional source)
Enoploteuthis jonesi Burgess, 1982 (additional source)
Enoploteuthis reticulata Rancurel, 1970 (additional source)
Eucleoteuthis luminosa (Sasaki, 1915) (additional source)
Fissidentalium zelandicum (G. B. Sowerby II, 1860) (additional source)
Galiteuthis pacifica (Robson, 1948) (additional source)
Galiteuthis suhmi (Hoyle, 1886) (additional source)
Gonatus antarcticus Lönnberg, 1898 (additional source)
Graneledone challengeri (Berry, 1916) (additional source)
Graptacme Pilsbry & Sharp, 1897 (additional source)
Grimalditeuthis bonplandii (Vérany, 1839) (additional source)
Haliphron atlanticus Steenstrup, 1861 (additional source)
Helicocranchia pfefferi Massy, 1907 (additional source)
Heteroteuthis Gray, 1849 (additional source)
Histioteuthis atlantica (Hoyle, 1885) (additional source)
Histioteuthis bonnellii (Férussac, 1834) (additional source)
Histioteuthis eltaninae Voss, 1969 (additional source)
Histioteuthis hoylei (Goodrich, 1896) accepted as Stigmatoteuthis hoylei (Goodrich, 1896) (additional source)
Histioteuthis macrohista Voss, 1969 (additional source)
Histioteuthis meleagroteuthis (Chun, 1910) (additional source)
Histioteuthis miranda (Berry, 1918) (additional source)
Hyaloteuthis pelagica (Bosc, 1802) (additional source)
Iridoteuthis Naef, 1912 (additional source)
Iridoteuthis maoria Dell, 1959 accepted as Stoloteuthis maoria (Dell, 1959) (additional source)
Japetella diaphana Hoyle, 1885 (additional source)
Laevidentalium Cossmann, 1888 (additional source)
Lampadioteuthis megaleia Berry, 1916 (additional source)
Leachia rynchophorus (Rochebrune, 1884) (additional source)
Lepidoteuthis grimaldii Joubin, 1895 (additional source)
Liguriella pardus (Berry, 1916) (additional source)
Liguriella podophthalma Issel, 1908 (additional source)
Luteuthis dentatus O'Shea, 1999 (additional source)
Lycoteuthis lorigera (Steenstrup, 1875) (additional source)
Martialia hyadesi Rochebrune & Mabille, 1889 (additional source)
Mastigoteuthis Verrill, 1881 (additional source)
Megalocranchia maxima Pfeffer, 1884 (additional source)
Micropilina rakiura B. A. Marshall, 1998 (additional source)
Micropilina reinga B. A. Marshall, 2006 (additional source)
Micropilina tangaroa B. A. Marshall, 1990 (additional source)
Micropilina wareni B. A. Marshall, 2006 (additional source)
Moroteuthis ingens (E. A. Smith, 1881) accepted as Onykia ingens (E. A. Smith, 1881) accepted as Moroteuthopsis ingens (E. A. Smith, 1881) (additional source)
Moroteuthis robsoni Adam, 1962 accepted as Onykia robsoni (Adam, 1962) (additional source)
Nototodarus gouldi (McCoy, 1888) (additional source)
Nototodarus sloanii (Gray, 1849) (additional source)
Octopoteuthis Rüppell, 1844 (additional source)
Octopus campbelli (E. A. Smith, 1902) accepted as Robsonella campbelli (E. A. Smith, 1902) (additional source)
Octopus gibbsi O'Shea, 1999 accepted as Octopus tetricus Gould, 1852 (additional source)
Octopus huttoni (Benham, 1943) accepted as Robsonella huttoni Benham, 1943 (basis of record)
Octopus kaharoa O'Shea, 1999 (additional source)
Octopus mernoo O'Shea, 1999 accepted as Robsonella mernoo (O'Shea, 1999) (additional source)
Octopus oliveri (Berry, 1914) (additional source)
Octopus tetricus Gould, 1852 (additional source)
Ocythoe tuberculata Rafinesque, 1814 (additional source)
Ommastrephes bartramii (Lesueur, 1821) (additional source)
Opisthoteuthis chathamensis O'Shea, 1999 (additional source)
Opisthoteuthis mero O'Shea, 1999 (additional source)
Opisthoteuthis robsoni O'Shea, 1999 (additional source)
Pertusiconcha tridentata Chistikov, 1982 (additional source)
Pholidoteuthis boschmai Adam, 1950 accepted as Pholidoteuthis massyae (Pfeffer, 1912) (additional source)
Pinnoctopus kermadecensis (Berry, 1914) (basis of record)
Polyschides Pilsbry & Sharp, 1898 (additional source)
Pterygioteuthis gemmata Chun, 1908 (additional source)
Pterygioteuthis giardi H. Fischer, 1896 (additional source)
Pterygioteuthis microlampas Berry, 1913 (additional source)
Pyroteuthis margaritifera (Rüppell, 1844) (additional source)
Pyroteuthis serrata Riddell, 1985 (additional source)
Rhomboxiphus Chistikov, 1983 (additional source)
Rokopella capulus B. A. Marshall, 2006 accepted as Veleropilina capulus (B. A. Marshall, 2006) (additional source)

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