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Zenkevitch L. A. (1964). New deep-sea echiurids from the Indian Ocean. Trudy Instituta Okeanologii. 69: 178–182.
Zenkevitch L. A.
New deep-sea echiurids from the Indian Ocean
Trudy Instituta Okeanologii
69: 178–182.
In Russian with English summary
The author describes two new forms of the Echiurids from the Indian Ocean: 1) the new genus and species Choanostoma bruuni from the northern part of the Arabian Sea found at the depth or 3676 m (fig. 1 and 3) and 2) a new species Ikedella bogorovi from the Java trench coming from the depth of 6820–6860 m (fig. 2 and 3). The author also finds the echiurid Prometor (Tatjanellia) grandis (Zenk.) in the Antarctic waters (fig. 3). The author introduces a correction into the name of the latter form. Following the work of O. Hartman and J. L. Barnard (1960) the name Tatjanellia, Zenk. (1957) is regarded as a synonym and it is necessary to include both species of Tatjanellia—T. grandis Zenk. and T. graciilis Zenk. into the genus Prometor, Fisher (1948).
Indian Ocean
Abyssal, Deep-Sea
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Choanostoma Zenkevitch, 1964 accepted as Choanostomellia Zenkevitch, 1964 (original description)
Choanostoma bruuni Zenkevitch, 1964 accepted as Choanostomellia bruuni (Zenkevitch, 1964) (original description)
Ikedella bogorovi Zenkevitch, 1964 (original description)
Prometor gracilis (Zenkevitch, 1957) (new combination reference)
Prometor grandis (Zenkevitch, 1957) (new combination reference)
Tatjanella Zenkevitch, 1957 accepted as Prometor Fisher, 1948 (source of synonymy)

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