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Liu, J.Y. [Ruiyu] (ed.). (2008). Checklist of marine biota of China seas. China Science Press. 1267 pp.
Liu, J.Y. [Ruiyu] (ed.)
Checklist of marine biota of China seas
China Science Press
1267 pp
Available for editors  PDF available
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Aaptos aaptos (Schmidt, 1864) (additional source)
Abalistes stellatus (Anonymous, 1798) (additional source)
Abietinaria Kirchenpauer, 1884 (additional source)
Ablabys taenianotus (Cuvier, 1829) (additional source)
Ablennes hians (Valenciennes, 1846) (additional source)
Abudefduf bengalensis (Bloch, 1787) (additional source)
Abudefduf notatus (Day, 1870) (additional source)
Abudefduf septemfasciatus (Cuvier, 1830) (additional source)
Abudefduf sexfasciatus (Lacepède, 1801) (additional source)
Abudefduf sordidus (Forsskål, 1775) (additional source)
Abudefduf vaigiensis (Quoy & Gaimard, 1825) (additional source)
Abyla trigona Quoy & Gaimard, 1827 (additional source)
Abylopsis eschscholtzii (Huxley, 1859) (additional source)
Acanthacaris tenuimana Spence Bate, 1888 (additional source)
Acanthaster planci (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Acanthastrea echinata (Dana, 1846) (additional source)
Acanthastrea hillae Wells, 1955 accepted as Homophyllia bowerbanki (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1857) (additional source)
Acanthella Schmidt, 1862 (additional source)
Acanthella acuta Schmidt, 1862 (additional source)
Acanthephyra armata A. Milne-Edwards, 1881 (additional source)
Acanthephyra curtirostris Wood-Mason in Wood-Mason & Alcock, 1891 (additional source)
Acanthephyra eximia Smith, 1884 (additional source)
Acanthephyra purpurea A. Milne-Edwards, 1881 (additional source)
Acanthocepola indica (Day, 1888) (additional source)
Acanthochiton zelandicus (Quoy & Gaimard, 1835) accepted as Acanthochitona zelandica (Quoy & Gaimard, 1835) (additional source)
Acanthocybium solandri (Cuvier, 1832) (additional source)
Acanthomysis platycauda (Pillai, 1961) (additional source)
Acanthomysis quadrispinosa Nouvel, 1965 (additional source)
Acanthopagrus berda (Forsskål, 1775) (additional source)
Acanthopagrus latus (Houttuyn, 1782) (additional source)
Acanthophora muscoides (Linnaeus) Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1828 (additional source)
Acanthophora spicifera (M.Vahl) Børgesen, 1910 (additional source)
Acanthopleura gemmata (Blainville, 1825) (additional source)
Acanthosquilla derijardi Manning, 1970 (additional source)
Acanthosquilla multifasciata (Wood-Mason, 1895) (additional source)
Acanthurus bariene Lesson, 1831 (additional source)
Acanthurus bleekeri Günther, 1861 accepted as Acanthurus mata (Cuvier, 1829) (additional source)
Acanthurus dussumieri Valenciennes, 1835 (additional source)
Acanthurus gahhm (Forsskål, 1775) (additional source)
Acanthurus guttatus Forster, 1801 (additional source)
Acanthurus leucopareius (Jenkins, 1903) (additional source)
Acanthurus lineatus (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Acanthurus mata (Cuvier, 1829) (additional source)
Acanthurus nigricans (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Acanthurus nigrofuscus (Forsskål, 1775) (additional source)
Acanthurus olivaceus Bloch & Schneider, 1801 (additional source)
Acanthurus pyroferus Kittlitz, 1834 (additional source)
Acanthurus thompsoni (Fowler, 1923) (additional source)
Acanthurus triostegus (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Acanthurus xanthopterus Valenciennes, 1835 (additional source)
Acanthus ebracteatus Vahl (additional source)
Acartia (Acartia) danae Giesbrecht, 1889 (basis of record)
Acartia (Acartia) negligens Dana, 1849-1852 (basis of record)
Acasta spongites (Poli, 1791) (additional source)
Acaudina leucoprocta (H.L. Clark, 1938) (additional source)
Accalathura borradailei (Stebbing, 1904) (additional source)
Acentrogobius caninus (Valenciennes, 1837) (additional source)
Acetabularia caliculus J.V.Lamouroux, 1824 (additional source)
Acetabularia clavata Yamada, 1934 accepted as Parvocaulis clavatus (Yamada) S.Berger, U.Fettweiss, S.Gleissberg, L.B.Liddle, U.Richter, H.Sawitzky & G.C.Zuccarello, 2003 (additional source)
Acetabularia parvula Solms-Laubach, 1895 accepted as Parvocaulis parvulus (Solms-Laubach) S.Berger, Fettweiss, Gleissberg, Liddle, U.Richter, Sawitzky & Zuccarello, 2003 (additional source)
Acetes erythraeus Nobili, 1906 (additional source)
Acetes japonicus Kishinouye, 1905 (additional source)
Achaeus lacertosus Stimpson, 1857 (additional source)
Achnanthes brevipes C.Agardh, 1824 (additional source)
Achnanthes exigua Grunow, 1880 (additional source)
Achnanthes longipes C.Agardh, 1824 (additional source)
Achnanthes microcephala (Kützing) Grunow, 1880 accepted as Achnanthidium microcephalum Kützing, 1844 (additional source)
Achnanthes minutissima Kützing, 1833 (additional source)
Acinetospora crinita (Carmichael) Sauvageau, 1899 (additional source)
Acoetes melanonota (Grube, 1876) (additional source)
Acrocalanus gibber Giesbrecht, 1888 (additional source)
Acrocalanus gracilis Giesbrecht, 1888 (additional source)
Acrocalanus longicornis Giesbrecht, 1888 (additional source)
Acrocalanus monachus Giesbrecht, 1888 (additional source)
Acrochaetium microscopicum (Nägeli ex Kützing) Nägeli, 1858 (additional source)
Acrocystis nana Zanardini, 1872 (additional source)
Acromitus flagellatus (Maas, 1903) (additional source)
Acropoma japonicum Günther, 1859 (additional source)
Acropora aculeus (Dana, 1846) (additional source)
Acropora acuminata (Verrill, 1864) (additional source)
Acropora anthocercis (Brook, 1893) (additional source)
Acropora aspera (Dana, 1846) (additional source)
Acropora austera (Dana, 1846) (additional source)
Acropora brueggemanni (Brook, 1891) accepted as Isopora brueggemanni (Brook, 1891) (additional source)
Acropora cerealis (Dana, 1846) (additional source)
Acropora clathrata (Brook, 1891) (additional source)
Acropora cytherea (Dana, 1846) (additional source)
Acropora danai (Milne Edwards, 1860) accepted as Acropora abrotanoides (Lamarck, 1816) (additional source)
Acropora digitifera (Dana, 1846) (additional source)
Acropora divaricata (Dana, 1846) (additional source)
Acropora echinata (Dana, 1846) (additional source)
Acropora elseyi (Brook, 1892) (additional source)
Acropora florida (Dana, 1846) (additional source)
Acropora formosa (Dana, 1846) accepted as Acropora muricata (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Acropora gemmifera (Brook, 1892) (additional source)
Acropora glauca (Brook, 1893) (additional source)
Acropora grandis (Brook, 1892) (additional source)
Acropora granulosa (Milne Edwards, 1860) (additional source)
Acropora horrida (Dana, 1846) (additional source)
Acropora humilis (Dana, 1846) (additional source)