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Day, John H. (1953). The polychaet fauna of South Africa. Part 2. Errant species from Cape shores and estuaries. Annals of the Natal Museum. 12(3): 397-441.
Day, John H.
The polychaet fauna of South Africa. Part 2. Errant species from Cape shores and estuaries
Annals of the Natal Museum
12(3): 397-441
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyD). Digitisation was online at journal but is currently (2017) absent
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[From introduction:]
The first part of this series (Day, 1951) dealt with the estuarine and intertidal fauna of Mosambique and Natal. The present paper deals with the Cape and South-West Arica from" The Haven" just south of the Natal border, around the Cape, to Luderitzbucht in South-West Africa. No dredged records are included as the infratidal fauna will be described later. Only new records of errant forms are given, as a complete list of all the records would be too long to give here; the final paper will include not only intertidal forms, but also species dredged from all depths down to three hundred fathoms. There are, however, quite sufficient records to show the kind of distribution which occurs. A comparison of present records with those given in Part 1 for Mosambique and Natal will show that many of the tropical Indo-pacific species do not reach the Cape coasts; only a diminishing few persist as far south as Cape Agulhas. The Cape fauna includes many cosmopolitan species, but there are also a large number of endemics which extend right round the Cape to South-West Africa; others are restricted either to the warmer southern shores or to the colder coast between Cape Point and Walvis Bay. Further discussion of distribution must be reserved until the dredged fauna has been described.
South Africa
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