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Wesenberg-Lund, Elise. (1949). Polychaetes of the Iranian Gulf. Danish Scientific Investigations in Iran. 4: 247-400.
Wesenberg-Lund, Elise
Polychaetes of the Iranian Gulf
Danish Scientific Investigations in Iran
4: 247-400
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
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[Introduction starts as:]
A rather comprehensive literature on the Polychaete fauna of the Iranian Gulf proper as well as of the Gulf of Oman has already been published. In 1902 Mr. N. Bogyawlensky undertook a zoological investigation of this area, and the collections of Polychaetes from this investigation were worked up and published by P. Fauvel in 1911. This material contained 52 species which all originate from a number of dredgings and pelagic hauls, as well as from coast investigations at Bushire, Koveit, and the Isle of Bahrein.—In 1918 Fauvel published a short synopsis on Polychaetes collected by Mr. Ch. Perez in 1901 on a voyage along the Arabian coasts. This collection is rather small and the few localities which are of interest in this connection are situated on the pearl-banks in the Gulf of Oman close to the coast or in the Iranian Gulf near its entrance.—In 1919 these finds were included in a more comprehensive paper by Fauvel, dealing with the Polychaetes in the collections of the Museum of Paris from the Iranian Gulf, Djibouti (Gulf of Aden) and Madagascar.—Later on, in 1932, Fauvel in his great paper on Polychaetes of the Indian Museum, Calcutta, published his treatment of the collections of the "Investigator" in the Iranian Gulf and finally in 1937 Monro's paper on Polychaetes from the "John Murray Expedition" was published. This expedition does not however enter the Gulf proper, but it has several dredgings in the Gulf of Oman.
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