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Thandar, A.S. (1999). Deep-sea Holothuroids taken by the R.V. Africana II in 1959, from off the West Coast of the Cape Peninsula, South Africa, Ann. S. Afr. Mus., Vol. 105(9): 364-409, 16 figs, 2 tables
Some 106 specimens of deep-sea holothuroids taken by the R.V. Africana II cruises off the west coast of the Cape Peninsula, South Africa, in 1959 by the then Division of Sea Fisheries, are diagnosed and/or described. The material is distributed over 10 families, 13 genera, 15 nominal and two indeterminate species, and includes three recently described species (Thander 1998), a new species, Molpadia millardae, and nine new records for the southern African region, south of the tropic of Capricorn. Previous records of Echinocucumis typica sensu Clark, 1923 (non Sars, 1859), and Sphaerothuria talismani (partim) sensu Deichmann, 1930 (non E. Perrier, 1886), are based on misidentifications of Ypsilothuria bitentaculata (Ludwig, 1893).
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Mozambican Exclusive Economic Zone for Benthodytes typica Théel, 1882 
South Africa (country) for Benthodytes lingua Perrier R., 1896 
South Africa (country) for Benthodytes typica Théel, 1882 
South Africa (country) for Benthodytes valdiviae Hansen, 1975 
South Africa (country) for Echinocucumis hispida (Barrett, 1857) 
South Africa (country) for Elpidia gracilis Belyaev, 1975 
South Africa (country) for Gephyrothuria alcocki Koehler & Vaney, 1905 
South Africa (country) for Molpadia millardae Thandar, 1999 
South Africa (country) for Orphnurgus protectus (Sluiter, 1901) 
South Africa (country) for Paracucumaria capense Thandar, 1998 
South Africa (country) for Psolidium vitreum Ohshima, 1915 
South Africa (country) for Psolidothuria octodactyla Thandar, 1998 
South Africa (country) for Ypsilothuria bitentaculata (Ludwig, 1893)