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Gofas, S., Afonso, J.P. & Brandào, M. (1985). Conchas e Moluscos de Angola = Coquillages et Mollusques d'Angola. [Shells and molluscs of Angola]. Universidade Agostinho / Elf Aquitaine Angola: Angola. 140 pp. Printed without date.
Gofas, S., Afonso, J.P. & Brandào, M.
Conchas e Moluscos de Angola = Coquillages et Mollusques d'Angola. [Shells and molluscs of Angola]. Universidade Agostinho / Elf Aquitaine Angola: Angola. 140 pp. Printed without date.
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Acar pulchella (Reeve, 1844) accepted as Acar clathrata (Defrance, 1816) (basis of record)
Acrilloscala fusca (G. B. Sowerby II, 1844) (basis of record)
Acteocina knockeri (E. A. Smith, 1872) (additional source)
Adinopsis skoogi Odhner, 1923 accepted as Adinassa skoogi (Odhner, 1923) (basis of record)
Alaba culliereti (Dautzenberg, 1890) (additional source)
Anadara corbuloides (Monterosato, 1881) (additional source)
Anadara subglobosa (Kobelt, 1889) (additional source)
Apolymetis lacunosa (Dillwyn, 1817) accepted as Leporimetis papyracea (Gmelin, 1791) (basis of record)
Aporrhais pesgallinae Barnard, 1963 (basis of record)
Aporrhais pes-gallinae Barnard, 1963 accepted as Aporrhais pesgallinae Barnard, 1963 (basis of record)
Aporrhais senegalensis Gray, 1838 (basis of record)
Arca bouvieri P. Fischer, 1874 (additional source)
Arca senilis Linnaeus, 1758 accepted as Senilia senilis (Linnaeus, 1758) (basis of record)
Architectonica granulata (Lamarck, 1816) accepted as Architectonica nobilis Röding, 1798 (basis of record)
Architectonica pseudoperspectiva (Brocchi, 1814) † accepted as Discotectonica pseudoperspectiva (Brocchi, 1814) † (basis of record)
Argonauta argo Linnaeus, 1758 (additional source)
Argonauta cygnus Monterosato, 1889 accepted as Argonauta argo Linnaeus, 1758 (basis of record)
Asthenotoma spiralis (E. A. Smith, 1872) accepted as Tomopleura spiralissima Gofas & Rolán, 2009 (basis of record)
Astraea johnstoni Odhner, 1923 accepted as Bolma johnstoni (Odhner, 1923) (basis of record)
Atrina chautardi (Nicklès, 1953) (additional source)
Barnea truncata (Say, 1822) (additional source)
Bolinus cornutus (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Brachidontes niger (Gmelin, 1791) (basis of record)
Bulla adansonii Philippi, 1847 accepted as Bulla striata Bruguière, 1792 (basis of record)
Bullia callosa (W. Wood, 1828) (basis of record)
Bullia fusca Craven, 1882 accepted as Dorsanum granulosum (Lamarck, 1822) accepted as Bullia granulosa (Lamarck, 1822) accepted as Naytia granulosa (Lamarck, 1822) (basis of record)
Bullia terebraeformis (Dautzenberg, 1912) (basis of record)
Bursa marginata (Gmelin, 1791) accepted as Aspa marginata (Gmelin, 1791) (additional source)
Bursa pustulosa (Reeve, 1844) accepted as Bursa corrugata (Perry, 1811) accepted as Alanbeuella corrugata (Perry, 1811) (basis of record)
Caecum crassum de Folin, 1870 (basis of record)
Cancellaria (Cancellaria) similis G. B. Sowerby I, 1833 accepted as Bivetiella similis (G. B. Sowerby I, 1833) (additional source)
Cancellaria rigida G. B. Sowerby I, 1832 accepted as Trigonostoma scala (Gmelin, 1791) (basis of record)
Cancilla scrobiculata (Brocchi, 1814) † accepted as Subcancilla scrobiculata (Brocchi, 1814) † (basis of record)
Cantharus vermeuleni Knudsen, 1980 accepted as Pollia vermeuleni (Knudsen, 1980) (basis of record)
Cantharus viverratus (Kiener, 1834) accepted as Gemophos viverratus (Kiener, 1834) (additional source)
Cardita lacunosa Reeve, 1843 accepted as Cardiocardita lacunosa (Reeve, 1843) (basis of record)
Cardita senegalensis Reeve, 1843 accepted as Cardita rufescens Lamarck, 1819 (basis of record)
Cardium costatum Linnaeus, 1758 (basis of record)
Cardium hians Brocchi, 1814 † accepted as Cardium diluvianum Lamarck, 1819 † accepted as Procardium diluvianum (Lamarck, 1819) † (basis of record)
Cardium kobelti Maltzan, 1885 accepted as Europicardium serrulatum (Deshayes, 1855) (basis of record)
Cassis tessellata (Gmelin, 1791) (basis of record)
Cerithium atratum (Born, 1778) (additional source)
Cerithium guinaicum Philippi, 1849 (basis of record)
Charonia nodifera (Lamarck, 1822) accepted as Charonia lampas (Linnaeus, 1758) (basis of record)
Chicoreus gubbi (Reeve, 1849) accepted as Chicocenebra gubbi (Reeve, 1849) (basis of record)
Chiton canariensis d'Orbigny, 1840 accepted as Rhyssoplax canariensis (d'Orbigny, 1840) (additional source)
Chlamys flabellum (Gmelin, 1791) accepted as Aequipecten flabellum (Gmelin, 1791) (basis of record)
Chromodoris luteorosea (Rapp, 1827) accepted as Felimida luteorosea (Rapp, 1827) (additional source)
Cirsotrema cochlea (G. B. Sowerby II, 1844) accepted as Cirsotrema pumiceum (Brocchi, 1814) (additional source)
Clanculus guineensis (Gmelin, 1791) (basis of record)
Clanculus pseudocorallinus Gofas, 1984 (basis of record)
Clanculus santamariae Gofas, 1984 (basis of record)
Clavatula imperialis Lamarck, 1816 (basis of record)
Clavatula lineata Lamarck, 1816 accepted as Tomellana lineata (Lamarck, 1818) (basis of record)
Clavatula obesa (Reeve, 1843) accepted as Perrona obesa (Reeve, 1843) (basis of record)
Clavatula rubrofasciata (Reeve, 1845) accepted as Clavatula rubrifasciata (Reeve, 1845) (basis of record)
Clavatula spirata (Lamarck, 1816) accepted as Perrona spirata (Lamarck, 1816) (basis of record)
Cochliolepis costulatus (de Folin, 1870) accepted as Discopsis costulata de Folin, 1870 (basis of record)
Cochliolepis gruveli (Dautzenberg, 1912) accepted as Discopsis gruveli (Dautzenberg, 1912) (basis of record)
Codokia eburnea (Gmelin, 1791) accepted as Ctena pectinata (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted as Ctena eburnea (Gmelin, 1791) (basis of record)
Conus aemulus Reeve, 1844 (basis of record)
Conus bulbus Reeve, 1843 (basis of record)
Conus ermineus Born, 1778 (additional source)
Conus genuanus Linnaeus, 1758 (additional source)
Coralliophila babelis (Requien, 1848) accepted as Babelomurex cariniferus (G. B. Sowerby II, 1834) (basis of record)
Coralliophila jarli Knudsen, 1956 (basis of record)
Coralliophila marrati Knudsen, 1956 (basis of record)
Coralliophila meyendorffii (Calcara, 1845) (additional source)
Corbula dautzenbergi E. Lamy, 1941 accepted as Corbula chudeaui Dautzenberg, 1910 (basis of record)
Crassatella divaricata (Chemnitz, 1782) accepted as Crassatina contraria (Gmelin, 1791) (basis of record)
Crassispira carbonaria (Reeve, 1843) (basis of record)
Crenella dollfusi Dautzenberg, 1910 accepted as Solamen dollfusi (Dautzenberg, 1910) (additional source)
Crepidula porcellana Lamarck, 1801 (additional source)
Cultellus tenuis (Gray, 1834) accepted as Sinupharus africanus (Chenu, 1843) (basis of record)
Cylichna cylindracea (Pennant, 1777) (additional source)
Cyllene lyrata (Lamarck, 1822) accepted as Cyllene desnoyersi lamarcki Cernohorsky, 1975 accepted as Cyllene lamarcki Cernohorsky, 1975 (basis of record)
Cymatium kobelti (Maltzan, 1884) accepted as Turritriton kobelti (Maltzan, 1884) (additional source)
Cymatium parthenopeum (Salis Marschlins, 1793) accepted as Monoplex parthenopeus (Salis Marschlins, 1793) (additional source)
Cymatium trigonum (Gmelin, 1791) accepted as Monoplex trigonus (Gmelin, 1791) (additional source)
Cymbium patulum (Broderip, 1830) (basis of record)
Cypraea lurida Linnaeus, 1758 accepted as Luria lurida (Linnaeus, 1758) (basis of record)
Cypraea pyrum Gmelin, 1791 accepted as Zonaria pyrum (Gmelin, 1791) (basis of record)
Cypraea stercoraria Linnaeus, 1758 accepted as Trona stercoraria (Linnaeus, 1758) (basis of record)
Cypraea zonaria Gmelin, 1791 accepted as Zonaria zonaria (Gmelin, 1791) (basis of record)
Cypraecassis testiculus (Linnaeus, 1758) (basis of record)
Desmoulea pinguis (A. Adams, 1853) accepted as Demoulia obtusata (Link, 1807) (basis of record)
Diodora menkeana (Dunker, 1846) (additional source)
Diplodonta diaphana (Gmelin, 1791) (additional source)
Distorsio smithi (Maltzan, 1884) (additional source)
Donax owenii Hanley, 1843 (additional source)
Donax rugosus Linnaeus, 1758 (basis of record)
Drillia angolensis Odhner, 1923 (basis of record)
Drillia pyramidata (Kiener, 1839) (basis of record)
Drillia rosolina (Marrat, 1877) (basis of record)
Eglisia spirata (G. B. Sowerby I, 1825) (basis of record)
Eledone Leach, 1817 (additional source)
Epitonium commutatum (Monterosato, 1877) accepted as Gyroscala commutata (Monterosato, 1877) (basis of record)
Epitonium pulchellum (Bivona, 1832) (additional source)
Epitonium senegalense (Maltzan, 1885) accepted as Epitonium jolyi (Monterosato, 1878) (basis of record)
Eunaticina africana Burnay & F. Fernandes, 1984 (basis of record)
Ambrizete for Phasianema costatum (Brocchi, 1814) 
Ambrizete for Tenagodus senegalensis (Mörch, 1861) 
Angola for Acliceratia beddomei (Dautzenberg, 1912) 
Angola for Adinopsis skoogi Odhner, 1923 
Angola for Alaba culliereti (Dautzenberg, 1890) 
Angola for Anomia ephippium Linnaeus, 1758 
Angola for Anomia patelliformis Linnaeus, 1761 
Angola for Apolymetis lacunosa (Dillwyn, 1817) 
Angola for Aporrhais senegalensis Gray, 1838 
Angola for Arca tetragona Poli, 1795 
Angola for Architectonica pseudoperspectiva (Brocchi, 1814) † 
Angola for Argonauta argo Linnaeus, 1758 
Angola for Bulla striata Bruguière, 1792 
Angola for Bursa marginata (Gmelin, 1791) 
Angola for Bursa pustulosa (Reeve, 1844) 
Angola for Caecum crassum de Folin, 1870 
Angola for Cancellaria (Cancellaria) cancellata (Linnaeus, 1767) 
Angola for Cancellaria (Cancellaria) similis G. B. Sowerby I, 1833 
Angola for Cancellaria rigida G. B. Sowerby I, 1832 
Angola for Cantharus vermeuleni Knudsen, 1980 
Angola for Cantharus viverratus (Kiener, 1834) 
Angola for Cardita lacunosa Reeve, 1843 
Angola for Cardita senegalensis Reeve, 1843 
Angola for Cardium hians Brocchi, 1814 † 
Angola for Cardium kobelti Maltzan, 1885 
Angola for Cardium ringens Bruguière, 1789 
Angola for Cerithium atratum (Born, 1778) 
Angola for Chicoreus gubbi (Reeve, 1849) 
Angola for Chiton canariensis d'Orbigny, 1840 
Angola for Chlamys multistriatus (Poli, 1795) 
Angola for Chlamys varius (Linnaeus, 1758) 
Angola for Chromodoris luteorosea (Rapp, 1827) 
Angola for Clavatula obesa (Reeve, 1843) 
Angola for Clavatula rubrofasciata (Reeve, 1845) 
Angola for Conus ambiguus Reeve, 1844 
Angola for Coralliophila babelis (Requien, 1848) 
Angola for Coralliophila jarli Knudsen, 1956 
Angola for Coralliophila marrati Knudsen, 1956 
Angola for Corbula dautzenbergi E. Lamy, 1941 
Angola for Crenella dollfusi Dautzenberg, 1910 
Angola for Crepidula porcellana Lamarck, 1801 
Angola for Cultellus tenuis (Gray, 1834) 
Angola for Cylichna cylindracea (Pennant, 1777) 
Angola for Cyllene lyrata (Lamarck, 1822) 
Angola for Cymatium kobelti (Maltzan, 1884) 
Angola for Cymatium trigonum (Gmelin, 1791) 
Angola for Distorsio smithi (Maltzan, 1884) 
Angola for Donax owenii Hanley, 1843 
Angola for Drillia angolensis Odhner, 1923 
Angola for Drillia rosolina (Marrat, 1877) 
Angola for Eglisia spirata (G. B. Sowerby I, 1825) 
Angola for Epitonium commutatum (Monterosato, 1877) 
Angola for Fissurella nubecula (Linnaeus, 1758) 
Angola for Fossarus ambiguus (Linnaeus, 1758) 
Angola for Gadinia afra (Gmelin, 1791) 
Angola for Galeomma turtoni W. Turton, 1825 
Angola for Genota mitraeformis (W. Wood, 1828) 
Angola for Gibberula columnella (Bavay in Dautzenberg, 1912) 
Angola for Gibberula gruveli (Bavay in Dautzenberg, 1912) 
Angola for Hastula micans (Hinds, 1844) 
Angola for Homalocantha melanamathos (Gmelin, 1791) 
Angola for Imbricaria carbonacea Hinds, 1844 
Angola for Iphigenia laevigata (Gmelin, 1791) 
Angola for Irus irus (Linnaeus, 1758) 
Angola for Isognomon isognomum (Linnaeus, 1758)  (inaccurate)
Angola for Kellia suborbicularis (Montagu, 1803) 
Angola for Lasaea rubra (Montagu, 1803) 
Angola for Latirus armatus A. Adams, 1855 
Angola for Latirus filosus (Schubert & J. A. Wagner, 1829) 
Angola for Leda fragilis (Chemnitz, 1784) 
Angola for Leda rostrata (Bruguière, 1789)  (inaccurate)
Angola for Lima inflata Chemnitz, 1784 
Angola for Lithophaga aristata (Dillwyn, 1817) 
Angola for Loripes contrarius (Dunker, 1846) 
Angola for Lutraria elongata Gray, 1837 
Angola for Mactra nitida Spengler, 1802 
Angola for Mactra vitrea Gray, 1837 
Angola for Marginella festiva Kiener, 1841 
Angola for Marginella gemmula Bavay, 1912 
Angola for Marginella musica Hinds, 1844  (inaccurate)
Angola for Marginella orstomi Coomans, 1975 
Angola for Mathilda quadricarinata (Brocchi, 1814) 
Angola for Melampus liberianus H. Adams & A. Adams, 1854 
Angola for Modiolus lulat (Dautzenberg, 1891) 
Angola for Muricanthus varius (G. B. Sowerby II, 1834) 
Angola for Muricopsis angolensis (Odhner, 1922) 
Angola for Mytilus perna (Linnaeus, 1758) 
Angola for Nassarius fischeri (Dautzenberg, 1912) 
Angola for Nassarius goreensis (Maltzan, 1884) 
Angola for Nassarius pachychilus (Maltzan, 1884) 
Angola for Nassarius tritoniformis (Kiener, 1841) 
Angola for Natica acynonyx [sic] 
Angola for Natica adansoni Blainville, 1825 
Angola for Natica collaria Lamarck, 1822 
Angola for Natica fanel Récluz, 1844 
Angola for Natica flammulata Requien, 1848 
Angola for Natica gruveli Dautzenberg, 1910 
Angola for Natica marochiensis (Gmelin, 1791) 
Angola for Natica michaelis Fischer-Piette, 1942 
Angola for Natica monodi Marche-Marchad, 1957