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Southern, R. (1914). Clare Island Survey. Nemathelmia, Kinorhyncha, and Chaetognatha. Proceedings of the the Royal Irish Academy. 31, part 54, section 3: 1-80, plates I-XII.
Southern, R.
Clare Island Survey. Nemathelmia, Kinorhyncha, and Chaetognatha
Proceedings of the the Royal Irish Academy
31, part 54, section 3: 1-80, plates I-XII
Locality: Clew Bay, off Crump Island; NeMys doc_id: 5387
Biodiversity, Taxonomic and ecological diversity
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Amphimonhystera anechma (Southern, 1914) Lorenzen, 1977 (ecology source)
Crenopharynx marioni (Southern, 1914) Filipjev, 1934 (ecology source)
Dagda Southern, 1914 (original description)
Dagda bipapillata Southern, 1914 (original description)
Desmoscolex brevirostris Southern, 1914 accepted as Tricoma brevirostris (Southern, 1914) (original description)
Desmoscolex longirostris Southern, 1914 accepted as Tricoma longirostris (Southern, 1914) (original description)
Desmoscolex polydesmus Southern, 1914 accepted as Tricoma polydesma (Southern, 1914) (original description)
Enoplolaimus longicaudatus (Southern, 1914) Filipjev, 1921 (ecology source)
Enoplus diplechma Southern, 1914 accepted as Mesacanthion diplechma (Southern, 1914) Filipjev, 1927 (original description)
Enoplus longicaudatus Southern, 1914 accepted as Enoplolaimus longicaudatus (Southern, 1914) Filipjev, 1921 (original description)
Eusynonchus brevisetosus (Southern, 1914) Platonova, 1970 (ecology source)
Fiacra Southern, 1914 accepted as Synonchus (Fiacra) Southern, 1914 (original description)
Fiacra brevisetosa Southern, 1914 accepted as Eusynonchus brevisetosus (Southern, 1914) Platonova, 1970 (original description)
Halaphanolaimus Southern, 1914 accepted as Leptolaimus de Man, 1876 (original description)
Halaphanolaimus pellucidus Southern, 1914 accepted as Leptolaimus pellucidus (Southern, 1914) Holovachov & Boström, 2013 (original description)
Mesacanthion diplechma (Southern, 1914) Filipjev, 1927 (ecology source)
Monohystera anechma Southern, 1914 accepted as Amphimonhystera anechma (Southern, 1914) Lorenzen, 1977 (original description)
Sabatieria celtica Southern, 1914 (original description)
Stenolaimus marioni Southern, 1914 accepted as Crenopharynx marioni (Southern, 1914) Filipjev, 1934 (original description)
Synonchus (Fiacra) Southern, 1914 (original description)
Tricoma brevirostris (Southern, 1914) (ecology source)
Tricoma longirostris (Southern, 1914) (ecology source)
Tricoma polydesma (Southern, 1914) (ecology source)
Irish part of the North Atlantic Ocean for Enoplus longicaudatus Southern, 1914 
North Atlantic for Enoplolaimus longicaudatus (Southern, 1914) Filipjev, 1921 
North Atlantic for Sabatieria celtica Southern, 1914 
Nontype uncatalogued, geounit Blacksod Bay, identified as Echinoderes dujardinii Claparède, 1863
Nontype uncatalogued, geounit Clew bay, identified as Echinoderes dujardinii Claparède, 1863