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Lu, C.C. & Chung, W.S. (2017). Guide to the cephalopods of Taiwan. National Museum of Natural Science, Taichung, Taiwan, 560 pp. ISBN 978-986-05-2569-4.
Lu, C.C. & Chung, W.S.
<em>Guide to the cephalopods of Taiwan</em>
National Museum of Natural Science, Taichung, Taiwan, 560 pp. ISBN 978-986-05-2569-4
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Abralia andamanica Goodrich, 1896 represented as Abralia (Heterabralia) andamanica Goodrich, 1896 (identification resource)
Abralia astrosticta Berry, 1909 represented as Abralia (Astrabralia) astrosticta Berry, 1909 (identification resource)
Alloposidae Verrill, 1881 (identification resource)
Ancistrocheiridae Pfeffer, 1912 (identification resource)
Ancistrocheirus lesueurii (d'Orbigny [in Férussac & d'Orbigny], 1842) (identification resource)
Architeuthidae Pfeffer, 1900 (identification resource)
Architeuthis dux Steenstrup, 1857 (identification resource)
Argonauta argo Linnaeus, 1758 (identification resource)
Argonautidae Cantraine, 1841 (identification resource)
Bathothauma lyromma Chun, 1906 (identification resource)
Bolitaena pygmaea (A. E. Verrill, 1884) (identification resource)
Bolitaenidae Chun, 1911 accepted as Bolitaeninae Chun, 1911 (identification resource)
Chiroteuthidae Gray, 1849 (identification resource)
Chiroteuthis picteti Joubin, 1894 (identification resource)
Cranchia scabra Leach, 1817 (identification resource)
Cranchiidae Prosch, 1847 (identification resource)
Cycloteuthidae Naef, 1923 (identification resource)
Discoteuthis discus Young & Roper, 1969 (identification resource)
Enoploteuthidae Pfeffer, 1900 (identification resource)
Enoploteuthis chunii Ishikawa, 1914 (identification resource)
Haliphron atlanticus Steenstrup, 1861 (identification resource)
Heteroteuthis (Stephanoteuthis) hawaiiensis (Berry, 1909) represented as Heteroteuthis hawaiiensis (Berry, 1909) (identification resource)
Histioteuthidae Verrill, 1881 (identification resource)
Histioteuthis hoylei (Goodrich, 1896) accepted as Stigmatoteuthis hoylei (Goodrich, 1896) (identification resource)
Histioteuthis meleagroteuthis (Chun, 1910) (identification resource)
Histioteuthis miranda (Berry, 1918) (identification resource)
Idioteuthis cordiformis (Chun, 1908) (identification resource)
Japetella diaphana Hoyle, 1885 (identification resource)
Lampadioteuthis megaleia Berry, 1916 (identification resource)
Leachia pacifica (Issel, 1908) (identification resource)
Liocranchia reinhardtii (Steenstrup, 1856) (identification resource)
Liocranchia valdiviae Chun, 1910 (identification resource)
Loliginidae Lesueur, 1821 (identification resource)
Lycoteuthidae Pfeffer, 1908 (identification resource)
Mastigoteuthidae Verrill, 1881 (identification resource)
Megalocranchia maxima Pfeffer, 1884 (identification resource)
Nototodarus hawaiiensis (Berry, 1912) (identification resource)
Octopodidae d'Orbigny, 1840 (identification resource)
Octopoteuthidae Berry, 1912 (identification resource)
Octopoteuthis sicula Rüppell, 1844 (identification resource)
Ommastrephes bartramii (Lesueur, 1821) (identification resource)
Ommastrephidae Steenstrup, 1857 (identification resource)
Onychoteuthidae Gray, 1847 (identification resource)
Opisthoteuthidae Verrill, 1896 (identification resource)
Ornithoteuthis volatilis (Sasaki, 1915) (identification resource)
Pholidoteuthidae Adam, 1950 (identification resource)
Pholidoteuthis massyae (Pfeffer, 1912) (identification resource)
Pterygioteuthis gemmata Chun, 1908 (identification resource)
Pterygioteuthis giardi H. Fischer, 1896 (identification resource)
Pyroteuthidae Pfeffer, 1912 (identification resource)
Pyroteuthis margaritifera (Rüppell, 1844) (identification resource)
Sandalops melancholicus Chun, 1906 (identification resource)
Sepiidae Leach, 1817 (identification resource)
Sepiolidae Leach, 1817 (identification resource)
Sthenoteuthis oualaniensis (Lesson, 1830) (identification resource)
Taonius belone (Chun, 1906) (identification resource)
Thysanoteuthidae Keferstein, 1866 (identification resource)
Thysanoteuthis rhombus Troschel, 1857 (identification resource)
Todaropsis eblanae (Ball, 1841) (identification resource)
Tremoctopodidae Tryon, 1879 (identification resource)
Watasenia scintillans (Berry, 1911) (identification resource)
Chinese Ān-Dá-Màn-Gōu-Wàn-Yóu [from synonym] for Abralia andamanica Goodrich, 1896
Chinese Ào-Lán-Yuān-Róu-Yú for Sthenoteuthis oualaniensis (Lesson, 1830)
Chinese Bái-Bān-Wu-Zéi for Sepia latimanus Quoy & Gaimard, 1832
Chinese Băo-Shí-Yì-Yóu for Pterygioteuthis gemmata Chun, 1908
Chinese Bào-Wén-Wu-Zéi for Sepia pardex Sasaki, 1913
Chinese Bā-Shì-Róu-Yú for Ommastrephes bartramii (Lesueur, 1821)
Chinese Bā-Wàn-Yóu for Octopoteuthis sicula Rüppell, 1844
Chinese Bā-Wàn-Yóu-Kē for Octopoteuthidae Berry, 1912
Chinese Bèi-Ruì-Shì-Sì-Pán-Êr-Wu-Zéi for Euprymna berryi Sasaki, 1929
Chinese Biān-Yóu-Kē for Mastigoteuthidae Verrill, 1881
Chinese Cháng-Wàn-Wu-Zéi for Sepia longipes Sasaki, 1913
Chinese Cháng-Xiāo for Octopus minor (Sasaki, 1920)
Chinese Chā-Wĕi-Wu-Zéi for Sepia furcata Ho & Lu, 2005
Chinese Chuán-Xiāo-Kē for Argonautidae Cantraine, 1841
Chinese Chún-bàn-Wu-Zéi for Sepia lycidas Gray, 1849
Chinese Dān-Pán-Xiāo for Bolitaena pygmaea (A. E. Verrill, 1884)
Chinese Dān-Pán-Xiāo-Kē [from synonym] for Bolitaenidae Chun, 1911
Chinese Dà-Wàng-Yóu for Architeuthis dux Steenstrup, 1857
Chinese Dà-Wàng-Yóu-Kē for Architeuthidae Pfeffer, 1900
Chinese Dēng-Yóu for Lampadioteuthis megaleia Berry, 1916
Chinese Dongsha-Miàn-Xiāo for Opisthoteuthis dongshaensis C. C. Lu, 2010
Chinese Duăn-Róu-Yú for Todaropsis eblanae (Ball, 1841)
Chinese Duăn-Xiāo for Amphioctopus fangsiao (d'Orbigny [in Férussac & d'Orbigny], 1839-1841)
Chinese Duō- Gōu-Gōu-Wàn-Yóu [from synonym] for Abralia multihamata Sasaki, 1929
Chinese Dù-Shì-Qiāng-Yóu for Uroteuthis (Photololigo) duvaucelii (d'Orbigny [in Férussac & d'Orbigny], 1835)
Chinese Er-Wu-Zéi-Kē for Sepiolidae Leach, 1817
Chinese Fā-Guāng-Róu-Yú for Eucleoteuthis luminosa (Sasaki, 1915)
Chinese Fān-Yóu-Kē for Histioteuthidae Verrill, 1881
Chinese Fú-Sī-Shì-Wu-Zéi for Sepia vossi Khromov, 1996
Chinese Gé-Shì-Shuāng-Qí-Yóu for Grimalditeuthis bonplandii (Vérany, 1839)
Chinese Gōu-Yóu-Kē for Ancistrocheiridae Pfeffer, 1912
Chinese Guāng-Yăn-Yóu-Kē for Lycoteuthidae Pfeffer, 1908
Chinese Hhōng-Gúo-Qiāng-Yóu for Uroteuthis (Photololigo) chinensis (Gray, 1849)
Chinese Hóng-Xiāo for Callistoctopus luteus (Sasaki, 1929)
Chinese Huā-Wu-Zéi for Metasepia tullbergi (Appelöf, 1886)
Chinese Hŭ-Bān-Wu-Zéi for Sepia pharaonis Ehrenberg, 1831
Chinese Hŭo-Qiāng-Yóu for Loliolus (Nipponololigo) beka (Sasaki, 1929)
Chinese Huò-Shì-Fān-Yóu [from synonym] for Histioteuthis hoylei (Goodrich, 1896)
Chinese Hŭo-Yóu for Pyroteuthis margaritifera (Rüppell, 1844)
Chinese Hŭo-Yóu-Kē for Pyroteuthidae Pfeffer, 1912
Chinese Jiàn-Jiān-Qiāng-Yóu for Uroteuthis (Photololigo) edulis (Hoyle, 1885)
Chinese Jiăo-Lín-Yóu-Kē for Pholidoteuthidae Adam, 1950
Chinese Jin-Wu-Zéi for Sepia esculenta Hoyle, 1885
Chinese Jì-Shì-Yì-Yóu for Pterygioteuthis giardi H. Fischer, 1896
Chinese Jù-Xiăo-Tóu-Yóu for Megalocranchia maxima Pfeffer, 1884
Chinese Kòu- Shì-Nĭ-Êr-Wu-Zéi for Sepiadarium kochii Steenstrup, 1881
Chinese Kuān-Wàn-Wu-Zéi for Sepia latimanus Quoy & Gaimard, 1832
Chinese Kūn- Shì-Wŭ-Zhūang-Yóu for Enoploteuthis chunii Ishikawa, 1914
Chinese Lái-Shì-Nĭ-Wu-Zéi for Sepioteuthis lessoniana d'Orbigny, 1826
Chinese Lán-Xiāo for Octopus cyanea Gray, 1849
Chinese Léì-Yīn-Shì-Făng-Chuí-Yóu for Liocranchia reinhardtii (Steenstrup, 1856)
Chinese Líng-Qí-Yóu for Thysanoteuthis rhombus Troschel, 1857
Chinese Líng-Qí-Yóu-Kē for Thysanoteuthidae Keferstein, 1866
Chinese Lì-Xiāo for Callistoctopus ornatus (Gould, 1852)
Chinese Lóng-Shi-Nĭ-Zhăo-Yóu for Onykia loennbergii (Ishikawa & Wakiya, 1914)
Chinese Lù-Ér-Dăo-Xiāo for Amphioctopus kagoshimensis (Ortmann, 1888)
Chinese Lŭ-Yăn-Yóu for Sandalops melancholicus Chun, 1906
Chinese Mă-Do-Ka-Wu-Zéi for Sepia madokai Adam, 1939
Chinese Mài –Shì-Jiăo-Lín-Yóu for Pholidoteuthis massyae (Pfeffer, 1912)
Chinese Miàn-Xiāo-Kē for Opisthoteuthidae Verrill, 1896
Chinese Mò-Shì-Sì-Pán-Êr-Wu-Zéi for Euprymna morsei (Verrill, 1881)
Chinese Nĭ -Er-Wu-Zéi-Kē for Sepiadariidae P. Fischer, 1882
Chinese Niăo-Róu-Yú for Ornithoteuthis volatilis (Sasaki, 1915)
Chinese Nĭ-Mù-Wu-Zéi for Sepia lycidas Gray, 1849
Chinese Pán-Qí-Yóu for Discoteuthis discus Young & Roper, 1969
Chinese Pí-Shì-Shŏu-Yóu for Chiroteuthis picteti Joubin, 1894
Chinese Qiāng-Yóu-Kē for Loliginidae Lesueur, 1821
Chinese Qí-Miào-Fān-Yóu for Histioteuthis miranda (Berry, 1918)
Chinese Qū-Zhēn-Wu-Zéi for Sepia recurvirostra Steenstrup, 1875
Chinese Rì-Bĕn-Àn-Êr-Wu-Zéi for Inioteuthis japonica (Tilesius [in Férussac & d'Orbigny], 1845)
Chinese Rì-Bĕn-Miàn-Xiāo for Opisthoteuthis japonica Taki, 1962
Chinese Rì-Bĕn-Wú-Zhēn-Wu-Zéi for Sepiella japonica Sasaki, 1929
Chinese Róu-Yú-Kē for Ommastrephidae Steenstrup, 1857
Chinese Shā-Xiāo for Amphioctopus aegina (Gray, 1849)
Chinese Shén-Hú-Wu-Zéi for Sepia kobiensis Hoyle, 1885
Chinese Shēn-Qí-Yóu for Bathothauma lyromma Chun, 1906
Chinese Shī-Bó-Jiā-Qiāng-Yóu for Uroteuthis (Photololigo) sibogae (Adam, 1954)
Chinese Shŏu-Yóu-Kē for Chiroteuthidae Gray, 1849
Chinese Shuāng-Rŭ-Tū-Nán-Fāng-Luó-Sù Êr-Wu-Zéi for Austrorossia bipapillata (Sasaki, 1920)
Chinese Shuī-Kŏng-Xiāo-Kē for Tremoctopodidae Tryon, 1879
Chinese Shuishi-Lu-Shì-Xiāo for Luteuthis shuishi O'Shea & Lu, 2002
Chinese Sū-Mén-Dá-Là-Qiāng-Yóu for Loliolus (Nipponololigo) sumatrensis (d'Orbigny [in Férussac & d'Orbigny], 1835)
Chinese Tài-Píng-Yáng-Fān-Yóu for Histioteuthis pacifica (Voss, 1962)
Chinese Tài-Píng-Yáng-Róu-Yú for Todarodes pacificus (Steenstrup, 1880)
Chinese Tài-Píng-Yáng-Tă-Yóu for Leachia pacifica (Issel, 1908)
Chinese Tài-Píng-Yáng-Yóu for Todarodes pacificus (Steenstrup, 1880)
Chinese Taiwan-Xiāo-Kŏng-Xiāo for Cistopus taiwanicus Liao & Lu, 2009
Chinese Tiáo-Wén-Xiāo for Amphioctopus marginatus (Taki, 1964)
Chinese Wă-Ĕr-Dí-Wă-Făng-Chuí-Yóu for Liocranchia valdiviae Chun, 1910
Chinese Wú-Huán-Xiāo for Amphioctopus exannulatus (Norman, 1993)
Chinese Wu-Zéi-Kē for Sepiidae Leach, 1817
Chinese Wŭ-Zhūang-Yóu-Kē for Enoploteuthidae Pfeffer, 1900
Chinese Xiāng-Sì-Gōu-Wàn-Yóu [from synonym] for Abralia similis Okutani & Tsuchiya, 1987
Chinese Xiàn-Wàn-Wu-Zéi for Sepia filibrachia A. Reid & Lu, 2005
Chinese Xiăo-Tóu-Yóu for Cranchia scabra Leach, 1817
Chinese Xiăo-Tóu-Yóu-Kē for Cranchiidae Prosch, 1847
Chinese Xià-Wāi-Yí-Róu-Yú for Nototodarus hawaiiensis (Berry, 1912)
Chinese Xià-Wāi-Yí-Yì-Êr-Wu-Zéi [from synonym] for Heteroteuthis (Stephanoteuthis) hawaiiensis (Berry, 1909)
Chinese Xīn- Qí-Biān-Yóu for Idioteuthis cordiformis (Chun, 1908)
Chinese Xīng-Bān-Gōu-Wàn-Yóu [from synonym] for Abralia astrosticta Berry, 1909
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