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Hartman, O. (1950). Polychaetous annelids. Goniadidae, Glyceridae and Nephtyidae. Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions. 15(1): 1-181.
Hartman, O.
Polychaetous annelids. Goniadidae, Glyceridae and Nephtyidae
Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions
15(1): 1-181
Kristian Fauchald's Polychaeta DB
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Aglaophamus agilis (Langerhans, 1880) (new combination reference)
Aglaophamus erectans Hartman, 1950 (original description)
Aglaophamus macroura (Schmarda, 1861) (additional source)
Aglaophamus malmgreni (Théel, 1879) (additional source)
Aglaophamus rubella (Michaelsen, 1897) accepted as Aglaophamus agilis (Langerhans, 1880) (additional source)
Glycera americana Leidy, 1855 (additional source)
Glycera capitata Örsted, 1842 (source of synonymy)
Glycera cirrata Grube, 1857 accepted as Glycera americana Leidy, 1855 (source of synonymy)
Glycera convoluta Keferstein, 1862 accepted as Glycera tridactyla Schmarda, 1861 (additional source)
Glycera oxycephala Ehlers, 1887 (additional source)
Glycera sagittariae Fauvel, 1932 accepted as Glycera tesselata Grube, 1863 (source of synonymy)
Glycera tesselata Grube, 1863 (additional source)
Goniadella Hartman, 1950 (original description)
Micronephthys abranchiata (Ehlers, 1913) (basis of record)
Nephthys macroura Schmarda, 1861 accepted as Aglaophamus macroura (Schmarda, 1861) (source of synonymy)
Nephthys malmgreni Théel, 1879 accepted as Aglaophamus malmgreni (Théel, 1879) (source of synonymy)
Nephthys phyllobranchia McIntosh, 1885 accepted as Nephtys paradoxa Malm, 1874 (source of synonymy)
Nephthys rubella Michaelsen, 1897 accepted as Aglaophamus agilis (Langerhans, 1880) (source of synonymy)
Nephtys ciliata (Müller, 1788) (additional source)
Nephtys ferruginea Hartman, 1940 (additional source)
Nephtys longosetosa Örsted, 1842 (additional source)
Nephtys paradoxa Malm, 1874 (additional source)
Nephtys punctata Hartman, 1938 (basis of record)

Dnestrovskaya & Jirkov (2019: 393) note that Hartman (1950: 90) in a listing recorded the usage as a subspecies by ... [details]


Hartman (1950) lists Nephthys laciniosa as indeterminable (without explanation) but this seems premature in this ... [details]


Possibly an unnecessary second name, possibly based on the same specimen  [details]

 Type locality

Shore of Pinas Bay, Panama (as assigned Hartman, 1950:124) [details]

 Type locality

Santa Catalina Channel, southern California in 84-95 fathoms, Velero station 1379-41. There is no location data for ... [details]

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