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Zheng, S.-Y. (1979). The Recent foraminifera of the Xisha Islands, Guangdong Province, China. II. Studia marina sinica. 15: 101-232.
Zheng, S.-Y.
The Recent foraminifera of the Xisha Islands, Guangdong Province, China. II
Studia marina sinica
15: 101-232
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Ammonia paucipora Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Articulina curta Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Articulina parallela Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Articulina ricta Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Astrononion minimum Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Biloculinella globula Zheng, 1979 accepted as Pseudopyrgo paraglobula Zheng, 1988 accepted as Nummulopyrgo paraglobula (Zheng, 1988) (original description)
Botuloides S.Y. Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Botuloides pauciloculus Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Brizalina pseudoseminuda Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Brizalina subcapitata Zheng, 1979 accepted as Cassidelina subcapitata (Zheng, 1979) (original description)
Brizalina substriatula Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Cassidulina striatostoma Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Cribrostomoides spiculotesta Zheng, 1979 accepted as Cribrostomoides spiculolega (Parr, 1950) accepted as Cribrostomoides spiculolegus (Parr, 1950) (original description)
Discorbinella kerimbatica Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Discorbis latestoma Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Fissurina compressioblonga Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Fissurina disjuncta Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Fissurina furcicolla Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Fissurina granulocostulata Zheng, 1979 accepted as Cerebrina granulocostulata (Zheng, 1979) (original description)
Fissurina minipora Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Fissurina pseudolucida Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Fissurina radiatostoma Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Fissurina robusta Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Fissurina tropicalis Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Glabratella elegans Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Glabratella limbata Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Glabratella pulchella Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Glabratella scabra Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Glandulina granulosa Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Heterostegina longisepta Zheng, 1979 accepted as Planostegina longisepta (Zheng, 1979) (original description)
Laryngosigma caudata Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Massilina magna Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Melonis minutus Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Mychostomina carinata Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Mychostomina truncata Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Nodophthalmidium carinata Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Nonion subdilatatum Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Nouria rhombiformis Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Obliquilingulina Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Obliquilingulina oblonga Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Oolina brevisolenia Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Palmula latifolia Zheng, 1979 accepted as Palmula robusta (Brady, 1884) accepted as Pseudolingulina robusta (Brady, 1884) (original description)
Parafissurina minuta Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Parafissurina oblonga Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Parafissurina quadrispinata Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Parafissurina reflecta Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Patellina spinosa Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Patellinella spinosa Zheng, 1979 accepted as Sagrinella spinosa (Zheng, 1979) (original description)
Planispirillina paucispira Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Planispirinella carinata Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Pseudobolivina brevis Zheng, 1979 accepted as Bimonilina brevis (Zheng, 1979) (original description)
Pseudononion granuloumbilicatum Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Pseudosigmoilina S.Y. Zheng, 1979 accepted as Mesosigmoilina Zheng, 1981 (original description)
Pseudosigmoilina minuta S.Y. Zheng, 1979 accepted as Mesosigmoilina minuta (Zheng, 1979) (original description)
Pyrgo compressioblonga Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Pyrgo megastoma Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Pyropiloides Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Pyropiloides elongatus Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Quinqueloculina angulostoma Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Quinqueloculina decora Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Quinqueloculina fusiformis Zheng, 1979 accepted as Quinqueloculina zhengi Parker, 2009 (original description)
Quinqueloculina impolita Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Quinqueloculina inculta Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Quinqueloculina paucilocula Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Quinqueloculina tubilocula Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Rectobolivina altilocula Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Rectobolivina subbifrons Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Rectobolivina subraphanus Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Sejunctella laticarinina Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Septotrochammina Zheng, 1979 accepted as Remaneica Rhumbler, 1938 (original description)
Sigmavirgulina basistriata Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Sigmavirgulina lanceolata Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Sigmoihauerina Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Sigmoilinella Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Sigmoilinella tortuosa Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Sigmomorphina basistriata Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Sigmomorphina subcircularis Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Siphobigenerina Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Siphobigenerina compressa S.Y. Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Spirillina compressa Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Spirillina grosseperforata Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Spirillina planoconcava Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Spirillina porisuturalis Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Spirillina scalaris Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Spiroloculina planoconvexa Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Spirosigmoilina pulchra Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Tiphotrocha minuta Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Triloculina parallela Zheng, 1979 accepted as Quinqueloculina parallela (Zheng, 1979) (original description)
Trochammina trapeziformis Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Trochammina xishaensis Zheng, 1979 accepted as Trochamminopsis xishaensis (Zheng, 1979) (original description)
Trochamminula elongata Zheng, 1979 accepted as Polystomammina elongata (Zheng, 1979) (original description)
Trochamminula lobatula Zheng, 1979 accepted as Polystomammina lobatula (Zheng, 1979) (original description)
Turrispirillina altispira Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Ungulatelloides pagoda Zheng, 1979 accepted as Ungulatelloides frustratiformis (McCulloch, 1977) (original description)
Vaginulinopsis sinuata Zheng, 1979 (original description)
Xisha Islands for Ammonia paucipora Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Articulina curta Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Articulina parallela Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Articulina ricta Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Astrononion minimum Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Biloculinella globula Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Botuloides pauciloculus Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Brizalina pseudoseminuda Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Brizalina subcapitata Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Brizalina substriatula Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Cassidulina striatostoma Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Cribrostomoides spiculotesta Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Discorbinella kerimbatica Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Discorbis latestoma Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Fissurina compressioblonga Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Fissurina disjuncta Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Fissurina furcicolla Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Fissurina granulocostulata Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Fissurina minipora Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Fissurina pseudolucida Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Fissurina radiatostoma Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Fissurina robusta Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Fissurina tropicalis Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Glabratella elegans Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Glabratella limbata Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Glabratella pulchella Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Glabratella scabra Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Glandulina granulosa Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Heterostegina longisepta Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Laryngosigma caudata Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Massilina magna Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Melonis minutus Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Mychostomina carinata Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Mychostomina truncata Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Nodophthalmidium carinata Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Nonion subdilatatum Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Nouria rhombiformis Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Obliquilingulina Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Obliquilingulina oblonga Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Oolina brevisolenia Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Palmula latifolia Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Parafissurina minuta Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Parafissurina oblonga Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Parafissurina quadrispinata Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Parafissurina reflecta Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Patellina spinosa Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Patellinella spinosa Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Planispirillina paucispira Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Planispirinella carinata Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Pseudobolivina brevis Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Pseudononion granuloumbilicatum Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Pseudosigmoilina minuta S.Y. Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Pyrgo compressioblonga Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Pyrgo megastoma Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Pyropiloides Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Pyropiloides elongatus Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Quinqueloculina angulostoma Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Quinqueloculina decora Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Quinqueloculina fusiformis Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Quinqueloculina impolita Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Quinqueloculina inculta Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Quinqueloculina paucilocula Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Quinqueloculina tubilocula Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Rectobolivina altilocula Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Rectobolivina subbifrons Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Rectobolivina subraphanus Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Sejunctella laticarinina Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Septotrochammina Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Sigmavirgulina basistriata Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Sigmavirgulina lanceolata Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Sigmoihauerina Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Sigmoilinella Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Sigmoilinella tortuosa Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Sigmomorphina basistriata Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Sigmomorphina subcircularis Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Siphobigenerina Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Siphobigenerina compressa S.Y. Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Spirillina compressa Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Spirillina grosseperforata Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Spirillina planoconcava Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Spirillina porisuturalis Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Spirillina scalaris Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Spiroloculina planoconvexa Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Spirosigmoilina pulchra Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Tiphotrocha minuta Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Triloculina parallela Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Trochammina trapeziformis Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Trochammina xishaensis Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Trochamminula elongata Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Trochamminula lobatula Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Turrispirillina altispira Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Ungulatelloides pagoda Zheng, 1979 
Xisha Islands for Vaginulinopsis sinuata Zheng, 1979