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Cairns, S.D., 1988. New records of Stylasteridae (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa) from Western Australia, including the description of two new species. Rec. W. Aust. Mus. 14 1: 105-119.
Four species of stylasterids are reported from off Western Australia, including two new species and several lots of a poorly known deep-water species, Crypthelia pudica. These are the first records of stylasterids from Western Australia. A checklist of the 14 sylasterid species now known from Australia (Stylaster marshae sp. nov., S. tensionwoodsi sp. nov., Crypthelia pudica, Distichopora violacea, D. coccinea, D. nitida, S. sanguineus, S. granulosus, S. gracilis, S. incompletus, S. mooraboolensis, Conopora adeta, Sporadopora dichotoma) and an historical resume of their presence off Australia are given. Descriptors: STYLASTER MARSHAE new species; STYLASTER TENSIONWOODSI new species; CRYPTHELIA PUDICA new record; DISTICHOPORA VIOLACEA new record; DISTICHOPORA COCCINEA; DISTICHOPORA NITIDA; STYLASTER SANGUINEUS; STYLASTER GRANULOSUS; STYLASTER GRACILIS; STYLASTER INCOMPLETUS; STYLASTER MOORABOOLENSIS; CONOPORA ADETA; SPORADOPORA DICHOTOMA figs. 1-4. (10.vi.1988).
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