Hydrozoa taxon details

Lytocarpia Kirchenpauer, 1872

117002  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:117002)

Thecocarpus Nutting, 1900 · unaccepted (synonym)
Theocarpus Nutting, 1900 · unaccepted (misspelling)
Species Lytocarpia acuta Stechow, 1923
Species Lytocarpia alata Vervoort & Watson, 2003
Species Lytocarpia angulosa (Lamarck, 1816)
Species Lytocarpia annandalei (Ritchei, 1910)
Species Lytocarpia armata (Bale, 1914)
Species Lytocarpia bathyalis Ryland & Gibbons, 1991
Species Lytocarpia benedicti (Nutting, 1900)
Species Lytocarpia bispinosa (Allman, 1877)
Species Lytocarpia brevirostris (Busk, 1852)
Species Lytocarpia calycifera (Bale, 1914)
Species Lytocarpia canepa (Blanco & Bellusci de Miralles, 1971)
Species Lytocarpia chiltoni (Bale, 1924)
Species Lytocarpia crucialis Lamouroux, 1816
Species Lytocarpia delicatula (Busk, 1852)
Species Lytocarpia distans (Allman, 1877)
Species Lytocarpia epizoica Vervoort & Watson, 2003
Species Lytocarpia flexuosa (Lamouroux, 1816)
Species Lytocarpia formosa (Busk, 1851)
Species Lytocarpia fragilis Galea, 2020
Species Lytocarpia furcata (Vervoort, 1941)
Species Lytocarpia howensis (Briggs, 1918)
Species Lytocarpia incisa (Coughtrey, 1875)
Species Lytocarpia lepida Watson & Vervoort, 2001
Species Lytocarpia megalocarpa (Bale, 1914)
Species Lytocarpia myriophyllum (Linnaeus, 1758)
Species Lytocarpia nicpenny Ryland & Gibbons, 1991
Species Lytocarpia nigra (Nutting, 1906)
Species Lytocarpia normani (Nutting, 1900)
Species Lytocarpia orientalis (Billard, 1908)
Species Lytocarpia parvispiralis Watson, 2019
Species Lytocarpia perarmata (Billard, 1913)
Species Lytocarpia phyteuma (Stechow, 1919)
Species Lytocarpia pilosa Galea, 2020
Species Lytocarpia pseudoctenata Galea, 2020
Species Lytocarpia rigida Vervoort & Watson, 2003
Species Lytocarpia similis Vervoort & Watson, 2003
Species Lytocarpia spiralis (Totton, 1930)
Species Lytocarpia striata Vervoort & Watson, 2003
Species Lytocarpia subdichotoma (Ralph, 1961)
Species Lytocarpia subtilis Galea, 2020
Species Lytocarpia tenuissima (Bale, 1914)
Species Lytocarpia tridentata (Versluys, 1899)
Species Lytocarpia vitiensis Ryland & Gibbons, 1991
Species Lytocarpia vulgaris Vervoort & Watson, 2003

Species Lytocarpia contorta (Nutting, 1926) accepted as Lytocarpia tridentata (Versluys, 1899) (synonym)
Species Lytocarpia flexuosus (Lamouroux, 1816) accepted as Lytocarpia flexuosa (Lamouroux, 1816) (incorrect gender ending)
Species Lytocarpia hystrix (Vervoort & Watson, 2003) accepted as Aglaophenia hystrix Vervoort & Watson, 2003 (synonym)
Species Lytocarpia laxa (Allman, 1876) accepted as Aglaophenia laxa Allman, 1876 (unaccepted combination)
Species Lytocarpia multiplicato-pinnata Stechow, 1919 accepted as Macrorhynchia hornelli (Thornely, 1904) accepted as Taxella hornelli (Thornely, 1904) (synonym)
Species Lytocarpia vervoorti El Beshbeeshy, 2011 (unaccepted > interim unpublished)
Not documented
Schuchert, P. (2022). World Hydrozoa Database. Lytocarpia Kirchenpauer, 1872. Accessed at: https://marinespecies.org/hydrozoa.%20/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=117002 on 2023-03-21
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