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Lucernaria O. F. Müller, 1776

135276  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:135276)

Lucernosa Haeckel, 1881 · unaccepted (junior synonym)


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  1. Species Lucernaria australis Vanhöffen, 1908
  2. Species Lucernaria bathyphila Haeckel, 1880
  3. Species Lucernaria haeckeli (Antipa, 1892)
  4. Species Lucernaria infundibulum Haeckel, 1880
  5. Species Lucernaria janetae Collins & Daly, 2005
  6. Species Lucernaria quadricornis O. F. Müller, 1776
  7. Species Lucernaria sainthilairei (Redikorzev, 1925)
  8. Species Lucernaria walteri (Antipa, 1892)
  9. Species Lucernaria auricula Rathke, 1806 (unaccepted > nomen nudum, Rathke did not recognize the species he described as new)
  10. Species Lucernaria auricula Fabricius, 1780 accepted as Manania auricula (Fabricius, 1780)
  11. Species Lucernaria campanulata Lamouroux, 1815 accepted as Lucernariopsis campanulata (Lamouroux, 1815) accepted as Calvadosia campanulata (Lamouroux, 1815)
  12. Species Lucernaria convolvulus Johnston, 1835 accepted as Craterolophus convolvulus (Johnston, 1835)
  13. Species Lucernaria cyathiforme M. Sars, 1846 accepted as Depastrum cyathiforme (M. Sars, 1846)
  14. Species Lucernaria discoidea Eales, 1938 accepted as Lucernariopsis campanulata (Lamouroux, 1815) accepted as Calvadosia campanulata (Lamouroux, 1815) (junior synonym)
  15. Species Lucernaria fascicularis Fleming, 1814 accepted as Lucernaria quadricornis O. F. Müller, 1776 (junior synonym)
  16. Species Lucernaria helgolandica Leuckart, 1867 accepted as Craterolophus convolvulus (Johnston, 1835)
  17. Species Lucernaria Leuckarti Taschenberg, 1877 accepted as Craterolophus convolvulus (Johnston, 1835)
  18. Species Lucernaria nagatensis Oka, 1897 accepted as Calvadosia nagatensis (Oka, 1897)
  19. Species Lucernaria phrygia Fabricius, 1780 accepted as Candelabrum phrygium (Fabricius, 1780) (basionym)
  20. Species Lucernaria pyramidalis Haeckel, 1880 accepted as Lucernaria quadricornis O. F. Müller, 1776 (junior synonym)
  21. Species Lucernaria vanhoeffeni Browne, 1910 accepted as Calvadosia vanhoeffeni (Browne, 1910)
  22. Species Lucernaria cyathiformis M. Sars, 1846 represented as Depastrum cyathiforme (M. Sars, 1846)
  23. Species Lucernaria octoradiata Lamarck, 1816 accepted as Haliclystus auricula James-Clark, 1863 (uncertain > nomen dubium)
marine, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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