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Mysidacea source details

BACESCU, M. (1975). Contributions to the knowledge of the mysids (Crustacea) from the Tanzanian waters. Univ. Sci. J. (Dar. Univ.), 1 (2): 39-61.
Contributions to the knowledge of the mysids (Crustacea) from the Tanzanian waters.
Univ. Sci. J. (Dar. Univ.), 1 (2): 39-61
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Acanthomysis quadrispinosa Nouvel, 1965 (additional source)
Anchialina latifrons Nouvel, 1971 (additional source)
Anchialina madagascariensis Nouvel, 1969 (additional source)
Anchialina typica (Krøyer, 1861) (additional source)
Anisomysis (Anisomysis) hanseni Nouvel, 1967 (additional source)
Anisomysis (Anisomysis) kunduchiana Bacescu, 1975 (original description)
Anisomysis (Anisomysis) kunduchiana Bacescu, 1975 (additional source)
Anisomysis (Anisomysis) levi Bacescu, 1973 (additional source)
Anisomysis (Anisomysis) sirielloides Bacescu, 1975 (additional source)
Anisomysis (Anisomysis) sirielloides Bacescu, 1975 (original description)
Anisomysis (Paranisomysis) ijimai Nakazawa, 1910 (additional source)
Anisomysis (Paranisomysis) ijimai estafricana Bacescu, 1973 (additional source)
Anisomysis (Paranisomysis) marisrubri Bacescu, 1973 (basis of record)
Dioptromysis proxima Nouvel, 1964 (additional source)
Gastrosaccus kempi W. Tattersall, 1922 (additional source)
Gastrosaccus msangii Bacescu, 1975 (original description)
Gastrosaccus sanctus (Van Beneden, 1861) (additional source)
Haplostylus estafricana Bacescu, 1973 (additional source)
Haplostylus parerythraeus (Nouvel, 1944) (additional source)
Heteromysis S.I. Smith, 1873 (additional source)
Heteromysis (Gnathomysis) harpax (Hilgendorf, 1878) (additional source)
Heteromysis (Heteromysis) gymnura W. Tattersall, 1922 (additional source)
Heteromysis (Olivemysis) zeylanica W. Tattersall, 1922 (additional source)
Kainommatomysis foxi W. Tattersall, 1927 (additional source)
Mesacanthomysis pygmaea Nouvel, 1967 (additional source)
Mysidopsis coralicola Bacescu, 1975 (additional source)
Mysidopsis coralicola Bacescu, 1975 (original description)
Mysidopsis hellvillensis Nouvel, 1964 (additional source)
Mysidopsis kenyana Bacescu & Vasilescu, 1973 (additional source)
Pseudanchialina erythraea Nouvel, 1944 (additional source)
Siriella brevicaudata Paulson, 1875 (additional source)
Tenagomysis natalensis mombasae Bacescu & Vasilescu, 1973 accepted as Nouvelia natalensis mombasae Bacescu & Vasilescu, 1973 (basis of record)
Tenagomysis tanzaniana Bacescu, 1975 (original description)
Tenagomysis tanzaniana Bacescu, 1975 (additional source)
Kenyan Exclusive Economic Zone for Tenagomysis natalensis mombasae Bacescu & Vasilescu, 1973 
Kunduchi for Anisomysis (Anisomysis) kunduchiana Bacescu, 1975 
Kunduchi for Mysidopsis coralicola Bacescu, 1975 
Tanzanian Exclusive Economic Zone for Anisomysis (Anisomysis) hanseni Nouvel, 1967 
Tanzanian Exclusive Economic Zone for Anisomysis (Anisomysis) kunduchiana Bacescu, 1975 
Tanzanian Exclusive Economic Zone for Anisomysis (Anisomysis) sirielloides Bacescu, 1975 
Tanzanian Exclusive Economic Zone for Anisomysis (Anisomysis) sirielloides Bacescu, 1975 
Tanzanian Exclusive Economic Zone for Anisomysis (Paranisomysis) marisrubri Bacescu, 1973 
Tanzanian Exclusive Economic Zone for Dioptromysis proxima Nouvel, 1964 
Tanzanian Exclusive Economic Zone for Gastrosaccus msangii Bacescu, 1975 
Tanzanian Exclusive Economic Zone for Mysidopsis coralicola Bacescu, 1975 
Tanzanian Exclusive Economic Zone for Pseudanchialina erythraea Nouvel, 1944 
Tanzanian Exclusive Economic Zone for Tenagomysis tanzaniana Bacescu, 1975 
Zanzibar for Heteromysis (Olivemysis) zeylanica W. Tattersall, 1922 
Paratype MGAB, identified as Anisomysis (Anisomysis) sirielloides Bacescu, 1975
Paratype MGAB, identified as Mysidopsis coralicola Bacescu, 1975
Holotype MGAB 254, identified as Tenagomysis tanzaniana Bacescu, 1975
Paratype MGAB 254a, identified as Tenagomysis tanzaniana Bacescu, 1975
Holotype MGAB 255, identified as Gastrosaccus msangii Bacescu, 1975
Paratype MGAB 255a, identified as Gastrosaccus msangii Bacescu, 1975

often among sand and between coral reefs [details]