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Polychaeta source details

Horst, Rutger. (1915). On new and little-known species of Polynoinae from the Netherlands' East-Indies. Zoologische Mededeelingen (Leiden). 1(1): 2-20.
Horst, Rutger
On new and little-known species of Polynoinae from the Netherlands' East-Indies
Zoologische Mededeelingen (Leiden)
1(1): 2-20
[None. Starts:]
Our knowledge of the Aphroditidae from the Malay-Archipelago hitherto was very scanty and considering the great variety of those worms in neighboring seas — Grube from the Philippines 1) mentioned 27 and Potts from the Indian Ocean 31 species 2) — it could be expected that a thorough examination of this region, as done by the Siboga-expedition, should reveal us many new and interesting forms; in these expectations we are not disappointed. Two remarkable species viz. Lepidasthenia sibogae and Eulepis malayana, besides three species of Psammolyce are already mentioned before 3); in the present paper we wish to confine ourselves to the subfamily of the Polynoïnae. Only six representatives of this group hitherto are mentioned from Amboina, Borneo, Ceram and Ternate, viz. Lepidonotus carinulatus Gr., — Wahlbergi Kinb., Polynoë cornuta Fischli, — (Lepid.) gymnonotus Mrz. — cristatus Gr., (Polynoë tumorifera Gr.) and Scalisetotorus [sic] ceramensis Mclnt, whereas in the Siboga-collections I was able to recognize more as forty species and varieties of Polynoïnae 4).
Indian Ocean
Systematics, Taxonomy
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The diagnosis of Horst (1915) is: Characterized by the presence of only 15 pairs of elytra, on segment 2, 4, 5, 7, ... [details]


Parahalosydna is assumed named from its similarity to Halosydna as Horst writes "fully agrees with Halosydna, but ... [details]


Parahalosydna sibogae is assumed named for the Siboga, the vessel from which the holotype was collected, and Horst ... [details]