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Calder, D. R. (1988). Shallow-water hydroids of Bermuda. The Athecatae. Royal Ontario Museum Life Sciences Contributions. 148: 1-107.
Calder, D. R.
Shallow-water hydroids of Bermuda. The Athecatae
Royal Ontario Museum Life Sciences Contributions
148: 1-107
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The shallow-water athecate hydroids known from Bermuda and vicinity, comprising 26 species in 24 genera, are surveyed. Synonymies are updated for each family-, genus-, and species-group taxon represented. Six taxa are described as new to science: Corydendriinae, subf. nov., Rhizorhagiinae, subf. nov., RHIZODENDRIUM gen. nov., Rhizodendrium sterreri, sp. nov., Eudendrium bermudense, sp. nov., and Coryne sargassicola, sp. nov. Zyzzyzus warreni is proposed as a replacement name for the junior primary homonym Tubularia solitaria Warren, 1906b (not Tubularia solitaria Rapp, 1829). The tribe Pachycordylini Cockerell, 1911, is elevated to the rank of subfamily. Pachycordyle Weismann, 1883, Parawrightia Warren, 1907, and Stylactaria Stechow, 1921a, are reestablished as the valid names of genera. Tubularia muscoides Linnaeus, 1761, is designated as type species of the nominal genus Fistulana O. F. Muller, 1766a. A lectotype is designated for the conglomerate Podocoryne alderi Hodge, 1861, a nominal species based on hydroid and medusa stages referable to different genera. The invalid name Bougainvillia ramosa (van Beneden, 1844a) is replaced with the name Bougainvillia muscus (Allman, 1863). Descriptions and illustrations are provided for each species studied, and data on nematocyst complement and size are given for all but one of them. Of the 26 species discussed, 23 occur elsewhere in the western Atlantic and 9 are reportedly circumglobal in warm waters. Eleven of the 23 previously known species are reported from Bermuda for the first time.Descriptors: RHIZODENDRIUM STERRERI new genus new species; EUDENDRIUM BERMUDENSE new species; CORYNE SARGASSICOLA new species; ZYZZYZUS WARRENI; TUBULARIA SOLITARIA; PACHYCORDYLE; PARAWRIGHTIA; STYLACTARIA; FISTULANA; TUBULARIA MUSCOIDES; PODOCORYNE ALDERI; BOUGAINVILLIA RAMOSA; BOUGAINVILLIA MUSCUS; CORYDENDRIINAE NEW SUBFAMILY; RHIZORHAGIINAE NEW SUBFAMILY; PACHYCORDYLINI, Athecataefigs. 1-59. ( [Review by P.F.S. Cornelius, 1989 in: Bull. mar. Sci., 45(1): 193-194].
Tropical Atlantic
Systematics, Taxonomy
Zoogeography, Biogeography (generalities), Geographic distribution
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