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Hartman, O. 1966. Quantitive survey of the benthos of San Pedro Basin, southern California. Part II. Final results and conclusions. Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions, 19(2): 187-455.
Hartman, O.
Quantitive survey of the benthos of San Pedro Basin, southern California. Part II. Final results and conclusions
Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions
19(2): 187-455
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyD).
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California quadrant
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Questa Hartman, 1966 (original description)
Questidae Hartman, 1966 accepted as Questinae Hartman, 1966 (original description)
Questinae Hartman, 1966 (original description)
 Depth range

7-124 m deep. [details]

 Depth range

Known from shore to about 5 meters.  [details]


White Cove, Santa Catalina Island, Southern California (Pacific Ocean).  [details]


Known from holdfasts of Eisenia arborea (kelp), at shallow depths.  [details]


Not stated, but 'arena' is the Latin word for sand, and the species was collected from reddish brown sand [details]


The specific epithet refers to the presence of a pair of dorsolaterally and similar, slightly longer ... [details]


The specific name refers to the absence of cirri.  [details]


Hartman misspelled the name 'limnicola' as 'limicola' consistently in her redescription. [details]


Hartman (1966) provided additional figures (Plate 6, Figs. 7-10), but misspelled the species name as 'limicola'. ... [details]

 Type locality

San Pedro shelf, California, USA, trawled in 26 metres [details]

 Type locality

Santa Catalina Island (California, USA), 9.15 miles, 152º T. from W End Light, on Farnsworth Bank. [details]

 Type locality

White Cove, Santa Catalina Island (Southern California, Pacific Ocean), shore, rocks north of pier, on Eisenia ... [details]

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