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Light, William J. H. (1991). Systematic revision of the genera of the polychaete subfamily Maldaninae Arwidsson. Ophelia, supplement. 5 (Systematics, Biology and Morphology of World Polychaeta): 133-146.
Light, William J. H.
Systematic revision of the genera of the polychaete subfamily Maldaninae Arwidsson.
Ophelia, supplement
5 (Systematics, Biology and Morphology of World Polychaeta): 133-146.
World Polychaeta Database
Available for editors  PDF available
The subfamily Maldaninae is revised. Important generic characters include the shape of the prostomial palpode, lateral cephalic lobes and nuchal organs, the types of notosetae, the presence of an anal valve and/or a collar on setiger 1, the number of asetigcrous preanal segments, and the development and shape of the pygidium. Three species orginally described as members of the genus Asychis are transferred to the genus Maldane: M. capensis, M. glabra and M. theodori. Maldane remains poorly known and probably consists of several generic-level groups of species. In addition to the foregoing, Maldane includes M. arctica, M. cristata, M. cuculligera, M. decorata, M. glebifex (genotype), M. gorgonensis, M. malmgreni, M. marsupialis, M. meridionalis, M. monilata, M. pellucida, M. philippinensis, and M. sarsi (with four subspecies). The genus Asychis is restricted and includes A. amphiglyptus (with two subspecies), A. atlanticus (genotype), A. auritus, A. chilensis, A. ramosus, and A. trifilosus. Chirimia nom. n. is proposed to replace Chrysothemis, a junior homonym, and Kinberg's concept of that genus is revived. Chirimia includes C. amoena (genotype), C. biceps (with two subspecies), C. punctata, C. similis, and C. fauchaldi sp. n. Metasychis gen. n. is proposed to include M. collariceps, M. disparidentatus (designated genotype), M. fimbriatus, and M. gotoi. The genus Sabaco is resurrected and includes S. atlantideus, S. carolinae, S. dakarensis, S. dorsofilis, S. elongatus [which includes both Branchioasychis colmani and B. americana], S. gangeticus, S. javanicus, S. maculatus (genotype), and S. steineri sp. n. The genus Bathyasychis contains a single species, B. cristatus. Asychis victoriae Benham is considered to be incertae sedis in view of the inadequate description and unavailability of the holotype.
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Light's replacement name (for original Chrysothemis, a junior homonym) is from the Spanish word for 'oboe'. Gender ... [details]


Not stated. Light (1980 thesis) also did not give a derivation. Meta in Greek means 'after' as in subsequent in ... [details]

 Grammatical gender

Designated masculine by Light (1991: 141) [details]


Replacement name Chirimia Light for Chrysothemis which is a junior homonym to Chrysothemis Berendt 1845 in ... [details]


Light maintains as a synonym of Maldane, following Hartman catalogue, but without explanation. As Hartman labelled ... [details]


Light (1991: 136) with only brief explanation transferred Asychis theodori to Maldane. He stated that, along with ... [details]


Arwidsson (1906: 261) included Sabaco Kinberg, Chrysothemis (a homonym) and Maldanopsis Verrill in Asychis. This ... [details]

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