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Riser, Nathan W. (1982). Observations on some poorly known syllid polychaetes from the Gulf of Maine. Canadian Journal of Zoology. 60(2): 105-111.
10.1139/z82-013 [view]
Riser, Nathan W.
Observations on some poorly known syllid polychaetes from the Gulf of Maine
Canadian Journal of Zoology
60(2): 105-111
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
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Amblyosyllis cincinnata (Verrill, 1874), a subtidal syllid polychaete associated with sponges, is described from the mouth of the St. Croix River. Distinguishing features are the dentition of the blades of the compound setae and the multicuspid pharyngeal teeth. Biological and morphological data on the common interstitial syllid, Sphaerosyllis brevifrons Webster and Benedict 1884, are presented. This species occurs intertidally in coarse sand in the northern Gulf of Maine and is subtidal in the southern part of the Gulf.
North-western Atlantic
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Living inside the sponges Haliclona oculata (Linnaeus, 1759), Halichondria panicea (Pallas, 1766) and Isodictya ... [details]

 Depth range

Intertidal-64 m. [details]


Northwest Atlantic.  [details]


Sandy sediments, coarse sand to gravel, and shelly sand.  [details]


Amblyosyllis cincinnata was synonymized with A. finmarchica by Pettibone (1963), but was posteriorly considered to ... [details]


Sphaerosyllis brevifrons was synonymized with S. erinaceus (now in the genus Erinaceusyllis) by Pettibone (1963), ... [details]

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