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Scott, W.B.; Scott, M.G. (1988). Atlantic fishes of Canada. Canadian Bulletin of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. No. 219. 731 pp.
Scott, W.B.; Scott, M.G.
Atlantic fishes of Canada
Canadian Bulletin of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
No. 219. 731 pp.
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Alepisaurus brevirostris Gibbs, 1960 (additional source)
Alepisaurus ferox Lowe, 1833 (additional source)
Alopias vulpinus (Bonnaterre, 1788) (additional source)
Alosa pseudoharengus (Wilson, 1811) (basis of record)
Alosa sapidissima (Wilson, 1811) (basis of record)
Amblyraja radiata (Donovan, 1808) (additional source)
Ammodytes dubius Reinhardt, 1837 (additional source)
Anarhichas denticulatus Krøyer, 1845 (additional source)
Anarhichas lupus Linnaeus, 1758 (additional source)
Anarhichas minor Olafsen, 1772 (additional source)
Anotopterus pharao Zugmayer, 1911 (additional source)
Antimora rostrata (Günther, 1878) (additional source)
Aphanopus carbo Lowe, 1839 (additional source)
Apogon pseudomaculatus Longley, 1932 (basis of record)
Argyropelecus aculeatus Valenciennes, 1850 (additional source)
Argyropelecus affinis Garman, 1899 (additional source)
Argyropelecus gigas Norman, 1930 (additional source)
Argyropelecus hemigymnus Cocco, 1829 (additional source)
Argyropelecus lychnus Garman, 1899 (basis of record)
Aristostomias photodactylus Beebe, 1933 accepted as Aristostomias lunifer Regan & Trewavas, 1930 (basis of record)
Aristostomias polydactylus Regan & Trewavas, 1930 (basis of record)
Aristostomias tittmanni Welsh, 1923 (additional source)
Artediellus atlanticus Jordan & Evermann, 1898 (additional source)
Artediellus uncinatus (Reinhardt, 1834) (additional source)
Barbourisia rufa Parr, 1945 (basis of record)
Bathophilus vaillanti (Zugmayer, 1911) (additional source)
Bathypterois quadrifilis Günther, 1878 (basis of record)
Bathyraja spinicauda (Jensen, 1914) (additional source)
Benthalbella infans Zugmayer, 1911 (additional source)
Benthodesmus simonyi (Steindachner, 1891) (additional source)
Benthodesmus tenuis (Günther, 1877) (basis of record)
Bothus ocellatus (Agassiz, 1831) (basis of record)
Brama brama (Bonnaterre, 1788) (additional source)
Bryx dunckeri (Metzelaar, 1919) (basis of record)
Carcharodon carcharias (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Caulophryne jordani Goode & Bean, 1896 (additional source)
Ceratias holboelli Krøyer, 1845 (additional source)
Cetorhinus maximus (Gunnerus, 1765) (additional source)
Chauliodus danae Regan & Trewavas, 1929 (additional source)
Chauliodus sloani Bloch & Schneider, 1801 (additional source)
Chiasmodon niger Johnson, 1864 (additional source)
Chirostomias pliopterus Regan & Trewavas, 1930 (additional source)
Chlorophthalmus agassizi Bonaparte, 1840 (additional source)
Conger oceanicus (Mitchill, 1818) (basis of record)
Coryphaenoides (Lionurus) carapinus Goode & Bean, 1883 represented as Coryphaenoides carapinus Goode & Bean, 1883 (additional source)
Coryphaenoides guentheri (Vaillant, 1888) (basis of record)
Coryphaenoides rupestris Gunnerus, 1765 (basis of record)
Cottunculus microps Collett, 1875 (additional source)
Cottunculus thomsonii (Günther, 1882) (additional source)
Cryptopsaras couesii Gill, 1883 (additional source)
Cubiceps capensis (Smith, 1845) (basis of record)
Cubiceps gracilis (Lowe, 1843) (additional source)
Cubiceps pauciradiatus Günther, 1872 (basis of record)
Cyclopterus lumpus Linnaeus, 1758 (additional source)
Cyclothone alba Brauer, 1906 (additional source)
Cyclothone braueri Jespersen & Tåning, 1926 (additional source)
Cyclothone microdon (Günther, 1878) (additional source)
Cyclothone pseudopallida Mukhacheva, 1964 (additional source)
Cyttopsis roseus (Lowe, 1843) accepted as Cyttopsis rosea (Lowe, 1843) (basis of record)
Decapterus macarellus (Cuvier, 1833) (additional source)
Decapterus punctatus (Cuvier, 1829) (additional source)
Decapterus tabl Berry, 1968 (basis of record)
Diaphus dumerilii (Bleeker, 1856) (additional source)
Diaphus effulgens (Goode & Bean, 1896) (additional source)
Diaphus metopoclampus (Cocco, 1829) (additional source)
Diaphus mollis Tåning, 1928 (additional source)
Diaphus perspicillatus (Ogilby, 1898) (basis of record)
Diaphus rafinesquii (Cocco, 1838) (additional source)
Diaphus taaningi Norman, 1930 (basis of record)
Diaphus termophilus Tåning, 1928 (additional source)
Dibranchus atlanticus Peters, 1876 (additional source)
Diogenichthys atlanticus (Tåning, 1928) (additional source)
Dipturus laevis (Mitchill, 1818) (additional source)
Dipturus linteus (Fries, 1838) accepted as Rajella lintea (Fries, 1838) (additional source)
Echiostoma barbatum Lowe, 1843 (additional source)
Ectreposebastes imus Garman, 1899 (basis of record)
Electrona risso (Cocco, 1829) (additional source)
Etrumeus teres (DeKay, 1842) (basis of record)
Eumicrotremus derjugini Popov, 1926 (additional source)
Eumicrotremus spinosus (Fabricius, 1776) (additional source)
Gadus morhua Linnaeus, 1758 (additional source)
Gaidropsarus argentatus (Reinhardt, 1837) (additional source)
Gaidropsarus ensis (Reinhardt, 1837) (additional source)
Gigantactis longicirra Waterman, 1939 (basis of record)
Gigantactis vanhoeffeni Brauer, 1902 (additional source)
Glyptocephalus cynoglossus (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Gonichthys cocco (Cocco, 1829) (additional source)
Gonostoma bathyphilum (Vaillant, 1884) accepted as Sigmops bathyphilus (Vaillant, 1884) (additional source)
Gonostoma elongatum Günther, 1878 accepted as Sigmops elongatus (Günther, 1878) (additional source)
Halargyreus johnsonii Günther, 1862 (additional source)
Harriotta raleighana Goode & Bean, 1895 (additional source)
Helicolenus dactylopterus (Delaroche, 1809) (additional source)
Hemiramphus brasiliensis (Linnaeus, 1758) (basis of record)
Hemitripterus americanus (Gmelin, 1789) (basis of record)
Himantolophus groenlandicus Reinhardt, 1837 (additional source)
Hippocampus erectus Perry, 1810 (basis of record)
Hippoglossina oblonga (Mitchill, 1815) (basis of record)
Hippoglossoides platessoides (Fabricius, 1780) (additional source)
Hippoglossus hippoglossus (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Hirundichthys affinis (Günther, 1866) (basis of record)
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