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Brinkhurst, R.O. (1986). Taxonomy of the genus Tubificoides Lastockin (Oligochaeta, Tubificidae): species with bifid setae. Canadian Journal of Zoology. 64(6): 1270-1279.
10.1139/z86-189 [view]
Brinkhurst, R.O.
Taxonomy of the genus Tubificoides Lastockin (Oligochaeta, Tubificidae): species with bifid setae
Canadian Journal of Zoology
64(6): 1270-1279
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Two new species, Tubificoides fraseri and T. motei, are described and three other species are placed in synonymy: T. foliatus with T. wasselli, T. coatesae with T. brownae, and T. maureri with T. diazi. Most of these decisions refer to species that have been described separately but published jointly by the author and H. R. Baker. The original descriptions were based on separate east and west coast collections from North America that contained species that seemed separable on the basis of the material available but that now appear to belong to fewer widely distributed species. Five other Tubi?coides species that lack hair setae are redescribed. Several of the species in this part of the genus seem to be widely distributed in contrast to those members of the genus with hair setae in the dorsal bundles.
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Holotype USNM 38259, geounit Cape Cod Bay, identified as Peloscolex intermedius Cook, 1969
Holotype USNM 98836, geounit British Columbia, identified as Tubificoides fraseri Brinkhurst, 1986
Holotype USNM 98843, geounit United States part of the Gulf of Mexico, identified as Tubificoides motei Brinkhurst, 1986

"Intermediate" between two other Peloscolex species (apectinatus and swirencowi) [details]


named after the type locality, Fraser River (BC, Canada) [details]


Mote Marine Laboratory (Sarasota, Florida) [details]