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Through the WoRMS Steering Committee, WoRMS has formal agreements with GBIF, Encyclopedia of Life and Species 2000. The WoRMS Steering Committee approves the provision of copies of WoRMS, ERMS, and other databases to third parties upon application. WoRMS has been proposed as the taxonomic data standard for IOC’s IODE network of ocean data centres.

WoRMS is the official taxonomic reference list for OBIS, and has been similarly licensed to over 20 other organizations around the world (see overview below). This register of species names will promote accuracy, eliminate redundancy, and overall serve to strengthen other species initiatives in providing reliable, scientifically accurate information on the web.

Relationships between WoRMS and other species initiatives and end-users

relationships with WoRMS
  • RSD: Regional Species Database
  • GSD: Global Species Database
  • TSD: Thematic Species Database
  • Yellow: taxonomic data
  • Blue: biogeographical data
  • Bold line: flow under our control
  • Thin line: flow NOT under our control

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Are using our web services and/or provide deeplinks to WoRMS:

  • Encyclopedia of Life, USA
  • ETI BioInformatics, Netherlands
  • Marine Life Information Network (MarLIN), UK
  • L’Agence des aires marines protégées, France
  • San Diego Supercomputer Center, USA
  • GenBank/NCBI, USA
  • The United States Antarctic Program at the National Museum of Natural History, USA
  • University of Bordeaux (National benthic database), France
  • British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC), UK
  • Ecospan Environmental Limited, UK
  • National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas (IBSS), Ukraine
  • School of Computer Science, University of Manchester, UK
  • Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • MIT Sea Grant College Program, USA
  • Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD); Centre de Recherche Halieutique Méditerranéenne et Tropicale, France
  • Circolo Attività Subacquee Chieri; Sezione Didattica, Italy
  • Station Biologique de Roscoff, France (Pelagos & Assemble databases)
  • EMODNet Pilot Portal for Biology, EU
  • MariLim Gesellschaft für Gewässeruntersuchung mbH, Germany
  • Coral Reef Ecosystem Division (CRED) of NOAA, Hawaii, USA
  • Natural History Museum Rotterdam, Marine Invertebrates, Netherlands
  • European Environment Agency, EUNIS, Denmark
  • HELCOM, Helsinki, Finland
  • Fisheries Linked Open Data at the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department of FAO, Italy
  • Gardline Marine Sciences group, UK
  • International Institute for Species Exploration, USA
  • Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE), University of British Columbia, Canada
  • Institut National de Recherche Halieutique (INRH), Morocco
  • Government Department of Conservation Services, Bermuda
  • Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, USA
  • iMarine Project, Europe
  • Sponge Barcoding Project, Germany
  • Archaeology and Natural History, The Australian National University, Australia
  • Scratchpads, Natural History Museum (NHM), London, UK
  • Gaiaguide, Australia
  • Department of Marine Sciences, University of the Aegean, Greece
  • Taxonome: University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK
  • Global Genome Initiative, Smithsonian Institution, US
  • Foraminifera.eu Project, Hamburg, Germany
  • Maurice Lamontagne Institute, Fisheries and Oceans, Canada
  • Natura Esperire/Experience, Annalisa Tassini, Scientific Communication, Italy
  • Marine Research Lab, Zoological Institute RAS, St Petersburg, Russia
  • Russell Renka - Shell List, Southeast Missouri State University, USA
  • SeaDataNet - IMARES Wageningen UR, Netherlands
  • Conchology, Inc. - Specimen seashells, Philippines
  • Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory (BioVeL) Project, Cardiff University, UK
  • Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science (PANGAEA), University of Bremen, Germany
  • Opale Surfcasting, France
  • Ifremer; Laboratoire des sciences de l’Environnement MARin (LEMAR), France
  • Base pour l'Inventaire des Observations Subaquatiques (BioObs), France
  • Données d'Observations pour la Reconnaissance et l'Identification de la faune et de la flore Subaquatique (DORIS), France
  • Observation.org, Netherlands
  • Information system on Aquatic Non-Indigenous and Cryptogenic Species (AquaNIS), Lithuania
  • Global Biotic Interactions (GloBI), Oakland, USA
  • Environmental Information Management (EIM) database, Washington State Department of Ecology, USA
  • strandvondsten.nl, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • PAPARA(ZZ)I Annotation tool, Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Germany
  • Marine Resource Modelling Group, Dept. Mathematics and Statistics, University of Strathclyde, UK
  • Nationalpark-Verwaltung Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer, Wilhelmshaven, Germany
  • University of Baghdad, Iraq
  • The Crab Database (crabdatabase.info), Czech Republic
  • Biodata Mining Group, Bielefeld University, Bielefeld, Germany
  • Biological Information System for Marine Life (BISMaL), Japan
  • Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, Florida Atlantic University, USA
  • Open Tree of Life, USA
  • Mikrotax.org - pforams, University College London, UK

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Internal Data ManagementDepartment of Marine Ecology, National Environmental Institute, University of AarhusDenmark2008-04-07
SeaLifeBaseUniversity of British Columbia, Fisheries CentreCanada2008-04-10
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Internal Data ManagementMUMMBelgium2008-07-31
Internal Data ManagementMyDiveAlbumSouth Africa2008-08-04
SeamountsOnlineUniversity of California San DiegoUSA2008-09-03
Internal Data ManagementUniversity of MessinaItaly2008-12-09
Ocean Genome ResourceOcean Genome LegacyUSA2008-12-11
Internal Data ManagementGBIF Swiss NodeSwitzerland2009-01-05
Internal Data ManagementL'Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD)France2009-03-02
BOLDMarine Barcode of Life (MarBOL)Canada2008-03-02
StatisticsAustralian Antarctic DivisionAustralia2009-08-18
L'Inventaire national du Patrimoine naturelMNHNFrance2009-09-23
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Internal Data ManagementIFREMER - Centre de nantes Département EMHFrance2009-11-24
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Base line studies of bottom fauna from the West coast of GreenlandNational Environmental Research Institute, Aarhus University, Dept. of Marine EcologyDenmark2011-04-12
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Review on patented marine natural productsJuan J. GonzálezSpain2011-05-11
Catalogue of Life in Taiwan (TaiBNET)Academia Sinica, Biodiversity Research CenterTaiwan2011-08-04
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BEAST DatabaseInstitute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Studies (IMARES)Netherlands2011-09-07
Internal Data ManagementMarine Scotland Science, Marine LaboratoryUK2011-09-23
Distributional change shift / climate changeBangor University, School of Ocean SciencesUK2011-10-04
Research projectEnvironment Department, University of YorkUK2011-10-20
Standardize taxonomyUS Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), Coastal Ecology BranchUSA2011-11-18
Standardize taxonomyUSGS Western Fisheries Research Center, Marine Hatfield Science CenterUSA2011-11-18
Animal ProjectWikipedia NLNL2011-12-01
Museum database species listMuseum and Art Gallery of the Northern TerritoryAustralia2011-12-22
Standardize taxonomy for OBISInstituto de Tecnología y Ciencias Marinas, Universidad Simón Bolívar Venezuela2012-01-27
Biomedical text mining toolSpanish National Cancer Research CentreSpain2012-02-27
Private Mollusca databaseMathias LindnerGermany2012-05-29
Synthetic and macroecological analyses of marine biodiversityUniversity of Sheffield, Department of Animal & Plant SciencesUK2012-08-09
Natural language processing techniques in marine biologyUniversity of Essex, School of Computer Science and Electronic EngineeringUK2012-08-29
Integrated repository for marine data in the Macaronesian region (REDMIC)OAG - Observatorio Ambiental GranadillaSpain2012-09-04
Internal datamanagement & QC (poor internet access)Centro de Investigaciones Marinas, Universidad de La HabanaCuba2012-10-08
Taxon dictionary for in-house catalogueNational Museums Northern IrelandIreland2012-10-15
Internal Data ManagementNational Institute for Environmental Research and Protection (ISPRA)Italy2012-11-26
Research on DNA barcoding of Canadian marine invertebratesBiodiversity Institute of Ontario, University of GuelphCanada2012-11-29
Marine life histories aspects across all taxaCenter for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate, Department of Biology, Copenhagen UniversityDenmark2012-12-05
Information systems on non-indigenous species (NIS)CORPI, Klaipeda UniversityLithuania2012-12-05
Scuba diving social networkBitonga Ltd.UK2013-02-26
Environmental monitoringPetrobras, Rio de JaneiroBrasil2013-04-05
Examine differences between (non-)indigenous marine speciesDepartment of Zoology, Tel Aviv University, Tel AvivIsrael2013-05-21
Reference for species/taxon for a benthos databaseCREOCEAN Society, MontpellierFrance2013-08-06
Identify and assess existing uses of marine genetic resourcesPOMC Consulting (One World Analytics), LancasterUK2013-12-18
Adding hierarchical classification to bryozoan speciesDep. Earth Sciences, Natural History Museum (NHM), LondonUK2014-01-20
Custom dictionary MS WordCentre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (CEFAS), LowestoftUK2014-03-04
Family & genus species statisticsQueen's University Marine Laboratory (QML), BelfastIreland2014-09-22
Text mining of scientific literatureOceanCertain - Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), TrondheimNorway2014-10-28
Reference in a web application for the visual identification of planktonUniversité Pierre et Marie Curie, Laboratoire d'Océanographie, VillefrancheFrance2015-01-26
On-line invertebrate information database for coastal Southern CaliforniaMarine Biodiversity Center, Natural History Museum, Los AngelesUS2015-01-29
Reference taxonomic database of the Korean watersKorea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology, Ocean Observation and Information SectionKorea2015-02-10
Biological fouling website for Brazilian NavyK2 SistemasBrasil2015-04-29
Bulk taxon matchThe Marine Biological Association- Data Archive Centre (DASSH)UK2015-06-18
Use in the Regional DataBase and in the fishPi projectInternational Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES)Denmark2015-06-24
Classification of Mollusca specimens, private shell collectionFilipe Medina de SousaPortugal2015-06-26
Compare fossil taxa against extant marine taxaUniversity of California, Berkeley, Integrative BiologyUS2015-07-02
Automate dataset modifications with recent Scleractinia taxonomyARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, University of Queensland, BrisbaneAustralia2015-07-17
Contribute to Deep-Sea Coral Research and Technology Program (DSC-RTP) National DatabaseNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA); Center for Coastal Environmental Health and Biomolecular ResearchUSA2015-07-28
Map of Life ProjectYale UniversityUSA2015-07-30
Clean PaleoDB dataFriedrich-Alexander-Universität, ErlangenGermany2015-08-31
Keep taxonomic register up-to-dateNational Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), WellingtonNew Zealand2015-09-15
Use taxonomic classificationBiologica Environmental Services Ltd., VictoriaCanada2015-10-19
Coral identification iOS applicationPersonalUS2015-12-04
Backbone taxonomy of all marine organisms found on US the continental shelfGlobal Genome Initiative, Smithsonian InstitutionUS2016-01-07
Creating an internal data entry and data management databaseMarine Ecological Surveys LtdUK2016-01-12
Genomic studie of CrustaceansMolecular, Ecology, Evolution and Phylogenetics research group, University of SydneyAustralia2016-01-15
Greek Taxon Information System (GTIS)LifeWatchGreece (LWG), Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR)Greece2016-03-21
Search synonyms when our references don't match the morphological ID'sMoss Landing Marine Laboratory, California State UniversityUSA2016-03-29
Create coral reef system health decision support systemThe Nature Conservancy, Houston, TexasUSA2016-04-27
Build benthic invertebrate species database and its feeding behaviorsDept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford UniversityUSA2016-06-02
Taxonomic authority collections management database systemNew York State Museum, AlbanyUSA2016-10-28
Phylogeny for decapod crustaceans by integrating taxonomic with molecular dataFlorida International University, Biscayne Bay CampusUSA2016-11-01
Build a database of all sequenced marine speciesBeijing Genomics Institute (BGI), ShenzhenChina2016-11-02
Tool for aquarium fish shipment: proper taxonomyRoger Williams University, Department of Biology and Marine BiologyUS2016-11-23
Characterize the zooplankton biodiversity in the Gulf of MexicoDepartamento de Biotecnologia Marina, Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada (CICESE)Mexico2016-12-01
Tablet App to assist taxonomists in recording species in the laboratoryNETAXIA LimitedUK2016-12-23
OBIS Japan, taxon matchingJapan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)Japan2016-12-23
Rearrange Mollusca specimen collectionCape Cod Museum of Natural History, Brewster, MAUSA2017-02-09
Internal datamanagement and revision of old species listsBenthos Ecology, Marine Institute, GalwayIreland2017-03-08
Application to see & submit record of marine biodiversityDengun Lda.Portugal2017-03-16
Global database of images and videos for all sea life speciesAniol S.L.UK2017-03-16
Mobile application to upload,share and identify marine species photosLazyDiving.comChina2017-03-17
Keep scientific species names up-to-dateCentre for Development Co-operation in Fisheries (CDCF), Institute of Marine ResearchNorway2017-04-26
Maintain the RAM Legacy Stock Assessment DatabaseUniversity of Washington, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, WashingtonUSA2017-05-22
Migration of the mollusca inventory collection databaseNatural History Mseum, ViennaAustria2017-07-28
Assure NCBl's taxonomy database is as accurate as possibleTaxonomy Group, Genbank, National Center for Biotechnology Information, NIHUSA2017-08-18
Background data for developing a method to examine the impacts and introduction pathways of marine invasive speciesDepartment of Energy and Process Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, NTNU, TrondheimNorway2017-08-18
Validation of marine biodiversity databaseSouth African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity, GrahamstownSouth Africa2017-09-08
Data exchanges between FishBase and SeaLifeBase (MoU)Quantitative Aquatics, Sto. DomingoPhilippines2017-09-15
Taxon sampling for a phylogenetic analysis of OstracodaDepartment of Paleobiology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian InstitutionUSA2017-09-21
Access from a Cruise Annotation SoftwareOcean Networks Canada, University of VictoriaCanada2017-10-19

Each month (year), Species2000 and ITIS produce the (annual version of the) Catalogue of Life (CoL). You can find an overview of the global species databases in CoL (and those provided by WoRMS) at http://www.catalogueoflife.org/col/info/databases.

Received access to download a monthly copy of ERMS

MedOBISHellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR)Greece
Italian FaunaMinistry for Environment and Territory Protection; Nature Protection DirectorateItaly
German Marine Monitoring ProgrammeFederal Environmental AgencyGermany
Natural Products BranchNational Cancer InstituteUSA
Arctic databasesAkvaplan-nivaNorway2006-04-27
Digital Image Archive of Zoological CollectionStazione Zoologica "Anton Dohrn"Italy2006-04-18
Data Centre ApplicationsICESDenmark2006-06-04
WFD FranceCREOCEANFrance2006-03-04
L'Inventaire national du Patrimoine naturelMNHNFrance2006-01-01
EUNISEuropean Topic Centre on Nature Protection and BiodiversityFrance
Internal Data ManagementNational Environmental Research InstituteDenmark
Internal Data ManagementRIKZNetherlands2006-12-07
Internal Data ManagementSystematik und Evolution der Tiere Freie Universität BerlinGermany2006-08-12
Internal Data ManagementIFM-GEOMARGermany2006-07-13
Internal Data ManagementUniversity of LilleFrance2006-07-10
Internal Data ManagementHafokFinland
Internal Data ManagementLaboratoire d’Océanographie Biologique de Banyuls sur MerFrance2007-12-06
Internal Data ManagementJoint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC)UK2016-11-02
MSc thesisUniversity of AegeanGreece2007-06-22
Internal Data ManagementStation Biologique de RoscoffFrance2008-01-31
Biodiversity reporting system to work with fishermen in the Greater Thames estuaryUniversity College London; Department of GeographyUK2008-04-24
Internal Data ManagementFinding Sanctuary PartnershipUK2008-05-05
Unicorn databaseUnicomarine Ltd.UK2008-05-22
BioCaseBGBM, BerlinGermany2008-06-09
monitoring database in the eastern part of the bay of SeineNormandy Coastal Monitoring SurveyFrance2008-07-14
benthos databasesSociety Groupement d’Intérêt Public Seine AvalFrance2008-08-08
PhD macrobenthos of the eastern English ChannelStation marine de WimereuxFrance2008-11-03
WISER EU projectEnvironment BOKU - University of Natural Resources & Applied Life SciencesAustria2009-08-03
Check-list of Marine Mollusca in primisDipartimento di Scienze per l'Ambiente; Università ParthenopeItaly2010-02-23
Internal Data ManagementMusée cantonal de zoologieSwitzerland2011-02-08
PhD study - classification of the nematodaDepartment of Zoology, Trinity College DublinIreland2011-04-15
Biodiversity research & building up photoarchiveCRM Coastal Research & Management, KielGermany2013-07-04
Update lists of species names and old synonymsSAM-marin, Uni Research, BergenNorway2015-11-10