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Gibson, R.; Crandall, F. B. (2005). The genus Amphiporus Ehrenberg (Nemertea, Enopla, Monostiliferoidea). Zoologica Scripta. 18(4): 453-470.
10.1111/j.1463-6409.1989.tb00140.x [view]
Gibson, R.; Crandall, F. B.
The genus <I>Amphiporus</I> Ehrenberg (Nemertea, Enopla, Monostiliferoidea)
Zoologica Scripta
18(4): 453-470
The literature relating to the 145 nemertean species at one time or another included in the monostiliferoidean genus Amphiporus Ehrenberg, 1831 is reviewed. Because the designated type species, A. albicans, must be declared a nomen dubium, the status of the genus itself becomes uncertain. The 33 species which, at least in part, have previously been transferred to other genera are tabulated and the taxonomic status of the remaining forms is re-evaluated. Most are identified as nomina nuda, nomina dubia, species inquirendae or synonymous with other taxa, but one species, A. bimaculatus, is transferred to the genus Nipponnemertes.
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