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Solem, A. (1959). Systematics and zoogeography of the land and fresh-water Mollusca of the New Hebrides. Fieldiana Zoology. 4(3): 1-359.
Solem, A.
Systematics and zoogeography of the land and fresh-water Mollusca of the New Hebrides
Fieldiana Zoology
4(3): 1-359
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Aneitea elisabethae Grimpe & Hoffmann, 1924 (additional source)
Aneitea maloensis Grimpe & Hoffmann, 1924 (additional source)
Aneitea robsoni Hoffmann, 1929 (basis of record)
Aneitea robsoni santoensis Solem, 1959 (original description)
Aneitea speiseri Grimpe & Hoffmann, 1924 (basis of record)
Bulimus ruga Hartman, 1890 accepted as Quiros bernieri (Hartman, 1890) (source of synonymy)
Coneuplecta (Conibycus) bicarinata Solem, 1959 represented as Coneuplecta bicarinata Solem, 1959 (original description)
Delos (Hebridelos) Solem, 1959 accepted as Hebridelos Solem, 1959 (original description)
Dendrotrochus (Santotrochus) Solem, 1959 represented as Dendrotrochus Pilsbry, 1894 (original description)
Dendrotrochus (Santotrochus) eva (Reeve, 1853) (basis of record)
Dendrotrochus (Santotrochus) eva stramineus Sykes, 1903 represented as Dendrotrochus stramineus Sykes, 1903 (basis of record)
Dendrotrochus (Santotrochus) layardi (Hartman, 1889) represented as Dendrotrochus layardi (Hartman, 1889) (source of synonymy)
Diastole (Diastole) subcarinata Solem, 1959 represented as Diastole subcarinata Solem, 1959 (original description)
Diplomorpha (Quiros) Solem, 1959 accepted as Quiros Solem, 1959 (original description)
Diplomorpha brazieri Hartman, 1889 (basis of record)
Diplomorpha coxi (Pease, 1871) (basis of record)
Diplomorpha delautouri (Hartman, 1886) (basis of record)
Diplomorpha layardi Ancey, 1884 (basis of record)
Diplomorpha peasei (Cox, 1872) (basis of record)
Discocharopa planulata Solem, 1959 (original description)
Guppya papuana Thiele, 1928 accepted as Liardetia samoensis (Mousson, 1865) (source of synonymy)
Hebridelos gassiesi (L. Pfeiffer, 1861) (basis of record)
Hebridelos rapida (L. Pfeiffer, 1853) (basis of record)
Helix antelata Cox, 1870 accepted as Liardetia samoensis (Mousson, 1865) (source of synonymy)
Helix ardua Cox, 1870 accepted as Liardetia samoensis (Mousson, 1865) (source of synonymy)
Helix multisulcata Gassies, 1857 accepted as Ptychorhytida aulacospira (L. Pfeiffer, 1846) (source of synonymy)
Lamprocystis guttula (Pfeiffer, 1853) (basis of record)
Lamprocystis mendanae Solem, 1959 (original description)
Macrocycloides annatonensis (L. Pfeiffer, 1854) (basis of record)
Mocella euryomphala Solem, 1959 accepted as Sinployea euryomphala (Solem, 1959) (original description)
Orpiella retardata depressa Solem, 1959 (original description)
Orpiella retardata retardata (Cox, 1870) represented as Orpiella retardata (Cox, 1870) (basis of record)
Ouagapia santoensis Solem, 1959 (original description)
Partula milleri Solem, 1959 accepted as Partula micans L. Pfeiffer, 1853 (original description)
Phrixgnathus glissoni (Ancey, 1889) (basis of record)
Phrixgnathus tenuiscriptus (Ancey, 1896) (basis of record)
Pleuropoma albescens (Hartman, 1890) (basis of record)
Pleuropoma articulata (L. Pfeiffer, 1854) (basis of record)
Pleuropoma rotella (Sowerby, 1847) (basis of record)
Pleuropoma sublaevigata (L. Pfeiffer, 1852) accepted as Sturanya sublaevigata (L. Pfeiffer, 1852) (basis of record)
Pleuropoma taeniata (Quoy & Gaimard, 1832) (basis of record)
Pleuropoma varians (Sykes, 1903) (basis of record)
Ptychorhytida aulacospira (L. Pfeiffer, 1846) (basis of record)
Ptychorhytida inequalis (L. Pfeiffer, 1854) (basis of record)
Quiros bernieri (Hartman, 1890) (basis of record)
Reticharopa Solem, 1959 (original description)
Reticharopa geddiei Solem, 1959 (original description)
Reticharopa helva (Cox, 1870) (basis of record)
Reticharopa latecosta Solem, 1959 (original description)
Reticharopa stenopleura Solem, 1959 (original description)
Santacharis hullianus expeditionis Iredale, 1927 accepted as Santacharis hullianus Iredale, 1927 (source of synonymy)
Sturanya modesta (L. Pfeiffer, 1854) (basis of record)
Succinea (Papusuccinea) Solem, 1959 accepted as Succinea Draparnaud, 1801 (original description)
Succinea (Papusuccinea) kuntziana Solem, 1959 accepted as Succinea kuntziana Solem, 1959 (original description)
Trochomorpha (Hartmanitrochus) Solem, 1959 represented as Trochomorpha Albers, 1850 (original description)
Trochomorpha (Hartmanitrochus) bakeri Solem, 1959 (original description)
Trochomorpha (Hartmanitrochus) rubens Hartman, 1888 represented as Trochomorpha rubens Hartman, 1888 (basis of record)
Trochomorpha convexa Hartman, 1889 accepted as Trochomorpha rubens Hartman, 1888 (source of synonymy)
Vanuatu for Onchidina australis (Semper, 1880) 
Vanuatu for Platevindex martensi (Plate, 1893) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Allopeas gracile (T. Hutton, 1834) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Aneitea elisabethae Grimpe & Hoffmann, 1924 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Aneitea maloensis Grimpe & Hoffmann, 1924 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Aneitea speiseri Grimpe & Hoffmann, 1924 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Diastole (Diastole) subcarinata Solem, 1959 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Diplomorpha brazieri Hartman, 1889 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Diplomorpha delautouri (Hartman, 1886) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Diplomorpha peasei (Cox, 1872) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Discocharopa planulata Solem, 1959 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Hebridelos gassiesi (L. Pfeiffer, 1861) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Hebridelos rapida (L. Pfeiffer, 1853) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Lamprocystis guttula (Pfeiffer, 1853) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Lamprocystis mendanae Solem, 1959 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Liardetia samoensis (Mousson, 1865) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Macrocycloides annatonensis (L. Pfeiffer, 1854) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Mocella euryomphala Solem, 1959 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Opeas pumilum (L. Pfeiffer, 1840) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Orpiella retardata (Cox, 1870) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Orpiella retardata depressa Solem, 1959 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Ouagapia santoensis Solem, 1959 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Partula macgillivrayi L. Pfeiffer, 1855 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Phrixgnathus glissoni (Ancey, 1889) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Phrixgnathus tenuiscriptus (Ancey, 1896) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Pleuropoma articulata (L. Pfeiffer, 1854) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Pleuropoma rotella (Sowerby, 1847) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Pleuropoma varians (Sykes, 1903) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Ptychorhytida aulacospira (L. Pfeiffer, 1846) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Ptychorhytida inequalis (L. Pfeiffer, 1854) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Reticharopa geddiei Solem, 1959 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Reticharopa latecosta Solem, 1959 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Reticharopa stenopleura Solem, 1959 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Sarasinula plebeia (P. Fischer, 1868) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Subulina octona (Bruguière, 1789) 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Succinea (Papusuccinea) kuntziana Solem, 1959 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Trochomorpha (Hartmanitrochus) bakeri Solem, 1959 
Vanuatu (Nation) for Trochomorpha rubens Hartman, 1888