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Shen, Shoupeng; Wu, Bao Ling. (1991 [1990 in Chinese?]). A new family of Polychaeta- Euniphysidae. Acta Oceanologica Sinica. 10(1): 129-140.
Shen, Shoupeng; Wu, Bao Ling
1991 [1990 in Chinese?]
A new family of Polychaeta- Euniphysidae
Acta Oceanologica Sinica
10(1): 129-140
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb).
According to Lu & Fauchald (2000) (q.v.) the Chinese version of the journal published the article and the taxa first in 1990. This may be correct, but the bibliographic details are puzzling and we have not been able to verify the claim.
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Euniphysa,originally a genus of the family Eunicidae,was erected by Wesenberg-Lund in 1949,and for a longtime there has been only one species in this genus.The present report is based on our samples collected from the South China Sea,and we consider that the differences between Euniphysa and Eunice are very significant:Five occipital tentacles distributed unequidistantly; the jaw consists of 6 pairs of maxillary plates; the body may be divided into anterior region and posterior region,etc.Therefore we suggest that Euniphysa should be separated from Eunicidae,and become a new family Euniphysidae.At present this family includes 3 genera,namely,Euniphysa, Paraeuniphysa and 1 new genera Heterophysa; Totally there are 7 species,including 3 new species and 1 new combination species.
China Sea
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