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Octobothrium Leuckart, 1827

119335  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:119335)

 unaccepted (synonym)
Species Octobothrium denticulatum Olsson, 1876 accepted as Diclidophora denticulata (Olsson, 1876) Price, 1943 (Superseded combination)
Species Octobothrium esmarkii Scott, 1901 accepted as Diclidophora esmarkii (Scott, 1901) Sproston, 1946 (Superseded combination)
Species Octobothrium lanceolatum Leuckart, 1827 accepted as Octocotyle lanceolatum (Leuckart, 1827) Diesing, 1850 accepted as Mazocraes alosae Hermann, 1782 (Superseded combination)
Species Octobothrium leptogaster Leuckart, 1830 accepted as Discocotyle leptogaster (Leuckart, 1830) Diesing, 1850 accepted as Placoplectanum leptogaster (Leuckart, 1830) Diesing, 1858 accepted as Chimaericola leptogaster (Leuckart, 1830) Brinkmann, 1942 (Superseded combination)
Species Octobothrium merlangi (Kuhn, 1829) von Nordmann, 1832 accepted as Diclidophora merlangi (Kuhn, 1829) Krøyer, 1838 (Superseded combination)
Species Octobothrium minus Olsson, 1876 accepted as Diclidophora minor (Olsson, 1876) Sproston, 1946 (Superseded combination)
Species Octobothrium palmatum Leuckart, 1830 accepted as Diclidophora palmata (Leuckart, 1830) Diesing, 1850 (Superseded combination)
Species Octobothrium phycidis (Parona & Perugia, 1889) Braun, 1890 accepted as Diclidophora phycidis (Parona & Perugia, 1889) Sproston, 1946 (Superseded combination)
Species Octobothrium pilchardi (van Beneden & Hesse, 1863) accepted as Octoplectanum pilchardi (van Beneden & Hesse, 1863) accepted as Mazocraes pilchardi (Van Beneden & Hesse, 1863) (Superseded combination)
Species Octobothrium pollachii (Van Beneden & Hesse, 1863) Taschenberg, 1879 accepted as Diclidophora pollachii (Van Beneden & Hesse, 1863) Price, 1943 (Superseded combination)
Not documented
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