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Toman, G. (1989). Digenetic trematodes of marine teleost fishes from the Seychelles, Indian Ocean. II. Acta Parasitologica Polonica. 34(3): 235-246.
Toman, G.
Digenetic trematodes of marine teleost fishes from the Seychelles, Indian Ocean. II.
Acta Parasitologica Polonica
34(3): 235-246
Nine species of gastrointestinal digeneans, including new forms, collected from marine fish in the Seychelles, Indian Ocean, are described. Two new lepocreadiid genera were found. Pseudohypocreadium chaetodoni gen. nov., sp. nov. from Chaetodon lunula (type host), C. auriga and C. zanzibarensis is closest to Hypocreadium, but differs from it in its body shape, in having a dorsal genital pore, a 3-lobed ovary and characteristic shape of metraterm. Apolemichthytrema kurochkini gen. nov., sp. nov. from an Apolemichthys trimaculatus (7 specimens/host) is closest to Pseudocreadium; it is characterized by a powerful cirrus pouch, long protrusible cirrus, shape of metraterm, sucker ratio, extent of uterus, and testes overlapping the caeca. Both the new genera belong in Lepocreadiinae; the generic diagnoses are given. Preptetos pritchardae sp. nov., from a Naso brevirostris (42 specimens/host), is differentiated from the known species of the genus by the size of the body (2.70-3.72 × 1.13-1.33 mm) and eggs (80-85 × 47-50 µm) and the size and distribution of genital organs. Variations in the position of the testes and ovary were noted in 2 specimens. A key to the valid species of Preptetos is included. Schistorchis (Alloschistorchis) seychellesiensis sp. nov. (Schistorchiidae) from a Cantherhines pardalis (1 mature and 1 larval specimen) differs from S. stenosoma, from the same host in Hawaii, by the larger oral sucker, acetabulum and ovary, by egg size and by the vitellaria reaching further anteriorly. It is similar to S. zancli in having testes in one row. The other digeneans present were Multitestis pyriformis from Platax pinnatus ; Pseudopisthogonoporus vitellosus from Naso brevirostris ; Bucephalus kaku from Sphyraena jello; Alcicornis baylisi from Caranx gymnosthetus and Gyliauchen papillatus from Siganus sp. All these trematodes are reported for the first time from the Seychelles.
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