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Olson, P.; Cribb, T.; Tkach, V.; Bray, R.; Littlewood, D. (2003). Phylogeny and classification of the Digenea (Platyhelminthes: Trematoda). International Journal for Parasitology. 33(7): 733-755.
10.1016/s0020-7519(03)00049-3 [view]
Olson, P.; Cribb, T.; Tkach, V.; Bray, R.; Littlewood, D.
Phylogeny and classification of the Digenea (Platyhelminthes: Trematoda)
International Journal for Parasitology
33(7): 733-755
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Digenea (taxonomy source)
Diplostomata (original description)
Bassian for Hemiperina manteri Crowcroft, 1947 
Belfast Lough for Maritrema oocysta Lebour, 1907 
Belfast Lough for Microphallus fusiformis Reimer, 1963 
Belfast Lough for Microphallus primas (Jägerskiöld, 1908) Stunkard, 1951 
Cape Howe for Austrobilharzia terrigalensis Johnston, 1917 
German part of the North Sea for Cryptocotyle lingua (Creplin, 1825) Fischoeder, 1903 
Heron Reef for Antorchis pomacanthi (Hafeezullah & Siddiqi, 1970) Machida, 1975 
Heron Reef for Bivesicula unexpecta Cribb, Bray & Barker, 1994 
Heron Reef for Bivesiculoides fusiformis Cribb, Bray & Barker, 1994 
Heron Reef for Cableia pudica Bray, Cribb & Barker, 1996 
Heron Reef for Crusziella formosa Cribb, Bray & Barker, 1992 
Heron Reef for Homalometron synagris (Yamaguti, 1953) Cribb & Bray, 1999 
Heron Reef for Hymenocotta mulli Manter, 1961 
Heron Reef for Koseiria xishaensis Gu & Shen, 1983 
Heron Reef for Lecithochirium caesionis Yamaguti, 1942 
Heron Reef for Lobatostoma manteri Rohde, 1973 
Heron Reef for Macvicaria macassarensis (Yamaguti, 1952) Bray & Cribb, 1989 
Heron Reef for Mitotrema anthostomatum Manter, 1963 
Heron Reef for Opisthadena dimidia Linton, 1910 
Heron Reef for Plerurus digitatus (Looss, 1899) Looss, 1907 
Heron Reef for Preptetos caballeroi Pritchard, 1960 
Heron Reef for Prosogonotrema bilabiatum Vigueras, 1940 
Heron Reef for Provitellus turrum Dove & Cribb, 1998 
Heron Reef for Pseudomegasolena ishigakiensis Machida & Kamiya, 1976 
Heron Reef for Transversotrema haasi Witenberg, 1944 
Heron Reef for Trigonocryptus conus Martin, 1958 
Jamaican Exclusive Economic Zone for Dinurus longisinus Looss, 1907 
Jamaican Exclusive Economic Zone for Preptetos trulla (Linton, 1907) Bray & Cribb, 1996 
Manning-Hawkesbury for Prototransversotrema steeri Angel, 1969 
Mississippi for Caecincola parvulus Marshall & Gilbert, 1905 
Mississippi for Homalometron armatum (MacCallum, 1895) Manter, 1947 
Moreton Bay for Bacciger lesteri Bray, 1982 
Moreton Bay for Opistholebes amplicoelus Nicoll, 1915 
Moreton Bay for Prosogonarium angelae Cribb & Bray, 1994 
New Zealand Exclusive Economic Zone for Copiatestes filiferus (Leuckart in Sars, 1885) Gibson & Bray, 1977 
Ningaloo for Paragyliauchen arusettae Machida, 1984 
North Sea for Accacoelium contortum (Rudolphi, 1819) Looss, 1899 
North Sea for Ancylocoelium typicum Nicoll, 1912 
North Sea for Aporocotyle spinosicanalis Williams, 1958 
North Sea for Derogenes varicus (Müller, 1784) Looss, 1901 
North Sea for Didymozoon scombri Taschenberg, 1879 
North Sea for Fellodistomum fellis (Olsson, 1868) Nicoll, 1909 
North Sea for Lecithaster gibbosus (Rudolphi, 1802) Lühe, 1901 
North Sea for Lecithocladium excisum (Rudolphi, 1819) Lühe, 1901 
North Sea for Lepidophyllum steenstrupi Odhner, 1902 
North Sea for Otodistomum cestoides (Van Beneden, 1871) Odhner, 1911 
North Sea for Peracreadium idoneum (Nicoll, 1909) Gibson & Bray, 1982 
North Sea for Prosorhynchoides gracilescens (Rudolphi, 1819) Stunkard, 1976 
North Sea for Rhipidocotyle galeata (Rudolphi, 1819) Eckmann, 1932 
North Sea for Stephanostomum baccatum (Nicoll, 1907) Manter, 1934 
North Sea for Zoogonoides viviparus (Olsson, 1868) Odhner, 1902 
Northern European Seas for Degeneria halosauri (Bell, 1887) Campbell, 1977 
Northern Gulf of Mexico for Diplomonorchis leiostomi Hopkins, 1941 
Northern Gulf of Mexico for Nagmia floridensis Markell, 1953 
Northern Gulf of Mexico for Proctoeces maculatus (Looss, 1901) Odhner, 1911 
Northern Gulf of Mexico for Siphodera vinaledwardsii (Linton, 1901) Linton, 1910 
Poland for Sanguinicola inermis Plehn, 1905 
Porcupine Seabight for Gaevskajatrema halosauropsi Bray & Campbell, 1996 
Porcupine Seabight for Lecithophyllum botryophoron (Olsson, 1868) Odhner, 1905 
Porcupine Seabight for Merlucciotrema praeclarum (Manter, 1934) Yamaguti, 1971 
Porcupine Seabight for Olssonium turneri Bray & Gibson, 1980 
Queensland for Plethorchis acanthus Martin, 1975 
Rockall Trough for Steringophorus margolisi Bray, 1995 
Scotland for Cyclocoelum mutabile (Zeder, 1800) Brandes, 1892 
Society Islands for Enenterum aureum Linton, 1910 
Society Islands for Machidatrema chilostoma (Machida, 1980) León-Règagnon, 1998 
Society Islands for Schistorchis zancli Hanson, 1953 
Southern California Bight for Zalophotrema hepaticum Stunkard & Alvey, 1929 
Southern Norway for Chimaerohemecus trondheimensis van der Land, 1967 
Tennessee for Aspidogaster conchicola Baer, 1827 
Torres Strait Northern Great Barrier Reef for Atractotrema sigani Durio & Manter, 1969 
Torres Strait Northern Great Barrier Reef for Bivesicula claviformis Yamaguti, 1934 
Torres Strait Northern Great Barrier Reef for Deretrema nahaense Yamaguti, 1942 
Torres Strait Northern Great Barrier Reef for Gorgocephalus kyphosi Manter, 1966 
Torres Strait Northern Great Barrier Reef for Hapladena nasonis Yamaguti, 1970 
Torres Strait Northern Great Barrier Reef for Labicola elongata Blair, 1979 
Torres Strait Northern Great Barrier Reef for Lankatrema mannarense Crusz & Fernand, 1954 
Torres Strait Northern Great Barrier Reef for Neoapocreadium splendens Cribb & Bray, 1999 
Torres Strait Northern Great Barrier Reef for Neohexangitrema zebrasomatis Machida, 1984 
Torres Strait Northern Great Barrier Reef for Neoparacardicola nasonis Yamaguti, 1970 
Torres Strait Northern Great Barrier Reef for Opisthotrema dujonis (Leuckart, 1874) Price, 1932 
Torres Strait Northern Great Barrier Reef for Rhabdiopoeus taylori Johnston, 1913 
Torres Strait Northern Great Barrier Reef for Solenorchis travassosi Hilmy, 1949 
Torres Strait Northern Great Barrier Reef for Taprobanella bicaudata Crusz & Fernand, 1954 
Ukraine for Bilharziella polonica (Kowalewski, 1895) 
Ukraine for Galactosomum lacteum (Jägerskiöld, 1896) Looss, 1899 
Ukraine for Psilochasmus oxyurus (Creplin, 1825) Lühe, 1909 


Recognised in Vol. 1 of the Keys to the Trematoda (2002), but not in subsequent molecular studies, e.g. Olson et ... [details]