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Maggs, C. A.; Hommersand, M. H. (1993). Seaweeds of the British Isles Volume 1 Rhodophyta Part 3A Ceramiales. British Museum (Natural History.
Maggs, C. A.; Hommersand, M. H.
Seaweeds of the British Isles Volume 1 Rhodophyta Part 3A Ceramiales
British Museum (Natural History
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Arctic for Membranoptera Stackhouse, 1809 
Arctic for Odonthalia Lyngbye, 1819 
Arctic for Pantoneura Kylin, 1919 
Arctic for Phycodrys Kützing, 1843 
Arctic for Plumaria F.Schmitz, 1896 
Arctic for Rhodomela C.Agardh, 1822 
Black Sea for Antithamnion Nägeli, 1847 
Black Sea for Chondria C.Agardh, 1817 
Cold Temperate Northwest Atlantic for Membranoptera Stackhouse, 1809 
Cold Temperate Northwest Atlantic for Odonthalia Lyngbye, 1819 
Cold Temperate Northwest Atlantic for Pantoneura Kylin, 1919 
Cold Temperate Northwest Atlantic for Phycodrys Kützing, 1843 
Cold Temperate Northwest Atlantic for Plumaria F.Schmitz, 1896 
Cold Temperate Northwest Atlantic for Rhodomela C.Agardh, 1822 
Cosmopolitan (World Oceans) for Aglaothamnion Feldmann-Mazoyer, 1941 
Cosmopolitan (World Oceans) for Antithamnion Nägeli, 1847 
Cosmopolitan (World Oceans) for Antithamnionella Lyle, 1922 
Cosmopolitan (World Oceans) for Chondria C.Agardh, 1817 
Cosmopolitan (World Oceans) for Polysiphonia Greville, 1823 
Kattegat for Ceramium cimbricum H.E.Petersen, 1924 
Lusitanian for Aglaothamnion Feldmann-Mazoyer, 1941 
Lusitanian for Antithamnion Nägeli, 1847 
Lusitanian for Antithamnionella Lyle, 1922 
Lusitanian for Chondria C.Agardh, 1817 
Lusitanian for Membranoptera Stackhouse, 1809 
Lusitanian for Pantoneura Kylin, 1919 
Lusitanian for Phycodrys Kützing, 1843 
Lusitanian for Plumaria F.Schmitz, 1896 
Lusitanian for Polysiphonia Greville, 1823 
Lusitanian for Rhodomela C.Agardh, 1822 
Mediterranean Sea for Aglaothamnion Feldmann-Mazoyer, 1941 
Mediterranean Sea for Antithamnion Nägeli, 1847 
Mediterranean Sea for Antithamnionella Lyle, 1922 
Mediterranean Sea for Chondria C.Agardh, 1817 
Mediterranean Sea for Phycodrys Kützing, 1843 
Mediterranean Sea for Polysiphonia Greville, 1823 
Northern European Seas for Aglaothamnion Feldmann-Mazoyer, 1941 
Northern European Seas for Antithamnion Nägeli, 1847 
Northern European Seas for Antithamnionella Lyle, 1922 
Northern European Seas for Chondria C.Agardh, 1817 
Northern European Seas for Membranoptera Stackhouse, 1809 
Northern European Seas for Odonthalia Lyngbye, 1819 
Northern European Seas for Pantoneura Kylin, 1919 
Northern European Seas for Phycodrys Kützing, 1843 
Northern European Seas for Plumaria F.Schmitz, 1896 
Northern European Seas for Polysiphonia Greville, 1823 
Northern European Seas for Rhodomela C.Agardh, 1822 
Temperate Northern Pacific for Phycodrys Kützing, 1843 
United Kingdom for Neosiphonia harveyi (Bailey) M.-S.Kim, H.-G.Choi, Guiry & G.W.Saunders, 2001  (origin: alien)
Neotype BM 1067621, geounit Durham Coast, identified as Polysiphonia nigra (Hudson) Batters, 1902

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