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Scherer, B. (1985). Annual dynamics of a meiofauna community from the "sulfide layer" of a North Sea sand flat. Microfauna Marina, 2:117-162
Scherer, B.
Annual dynamics of a meiofauna community from the "sulfide layer" of a North Sea sand flat.
Microfauna Marina
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North Sea for Acrorhynchides robustus (Karling, 1931) Strand, 1928 
North Sea for Amphirhynchus caudatus Schilke, 1970 
North Sea for Antroposthia unipora Faubel, 1974 
North Sea for Aphanostoma album Dörjes, 1968 
North Sea for Archiloa unipunctata (Fabricius, 1826) 
North Sea for Archimonotresis limophila Meixner, 1938 
North Sea for Atriofronta polyvacuola Dörjes, 1968 
North Sea for Aulopharynx aestuarius Ehlers, 1972 
North Sea for Balgetia semicirculifera Karling, 1962 
North Sea for Bradynectes sterreri Rieger, 1971 
North Sea for Bresslauilla relicta Reisinger, 1929 
North Sea for Carenscoilia biforamen Sopott, 1972 
North Sea for Cheliplana boadeni Schilke, 1970 
North Sea for Cheliplana remanei (Meixner, 1928) Karling, 1983 
North Sea for Cheliplanilla caudata Meixner, 1938 
North Sea for Cicerina brevicirrus Meixner, 1928 
North Sea for Cirrifera boletiformae Sopott, 1972 
North Sea for Coelogynopora solifer Sopott, 1972 
North Sea for Coelogynopora tenuis Meixner, 1938 
North Sea for Diascorhynchus rubrus Boaden, 1963 
North Sea for Gyratricella attemsi (Graff, 1913) Karling, 1955 
North Sea for Gyratrix hermaphroditus Ehrenberg, 1831 
North Sea for Haplopharynx rostratus Meixner, 1938 
North Sea for Karkinorhynchides purpureus Schilke, 1970 
North Sea for Limipolycystis curvitubo Schilke, 1970 
North Sea for Macrostomum pusillum Ax, 1951 
North Sea for Mariplanella frisia Ax & Heller, 1970 
North Sea for Moevenbergia oculofagi Armonies, 2017 
North Sea for Nematoplana coelogynoporoides Meixner, 1938 
North Sea for Neoschizorhynchus parvorostro Ax & Heller, 1970 
North Sea for Oligofilomorpha interstitiophilum Faubel, 1974 
North Sea for Paraproporus rosettiformis Faubel, 1974 
North Sea for Paromalostomum dubium (de Beauchamp, 1927) 
North Sea for Petaliella spiracauda Ehlers, 1974 
North Sea for Pogaina kinnei Ax, 1970 
North Sea for Pogaina natans (Ax, 1951) Marcus, 1954 
North Sea for Pogaina suecica (Luther, 1948) Marcus, 1954 
North Sea for Polystyliphora filum Ax, 1958 
North Sea for Postmecynostomum pictum Dörjes, 1968 
North Sea for Praeaphanostoma rubrum Dörjes, 1968 
North Sea for Praeconvoluta minor Faubel, 1974 
North Sea for Proceropharynx litoralis Ehlers, 1972 
North Sea for Promesostoma caligulatum Ax, 1952 
North Sea for Promesostoma karlingi Ehlers, 1974 
North Sea for Promesostoma marmoratum (Schultze, 1851) Graff, 1882 
North Sea for Promesostoma rostratum Ax, 1951 
North Sea for Promonotus schultzei Meixner, 1943 
North Sea for Proschizorhynchella bivaginata Schilke, 1970 
North Sea for Proschizorhynchus triductibus Schilke, 1970 
North Sea for Provortex balticus (Schultze, 1851) Graff, 1882 
North Sea for Provortex psammophilus Ax, 1951 
North Sea for Provortex tubiferus Luther, 1948 
North Sea for Proxenetes deltoides Den Hartog, 1965 
North Sea for Proxenetes quadrispinosus Den Hartog, 1966 
North Sea for Proxenetes quinquespinosus Ax, 1971 
North Sea for Proxenetes trigonus Ax, 1960 
North Sea for Psammorhynchus tubulipenis Meixner, 1938 
North Sea for Pseudaphanostoma psammophilum Dörjes, 1968 
North Sea for Pseudaphanostoma syltensis Dörjes, 1968 
North Sea for Pseudograffilla arenicola Meixner, 1938 
North Sea for Psittacorhynchus verweyi Den Hartog, 1968 
North Sea for Retronectes sterreri Faubel, 1976 
North Sea for Schizochilus choriurus Boaden, 1963 
North Sea for Schizorhynchoides spirostylus Boaden, 1963 
North Sea for Scoliopharyngia arenicola Ehlers, Reise & Armonies, 1995 
North Sea for Scoliopharyngia listensis Ehlers, Mueller & Franke, 1994 
North Sea for Thylacorhynchus conglobatus Meixner, 1928 
North Sea for Trisaccopharynx spiculatus Ehlers, 1972 
North Sea for Tvaerminnea direceptacula Ehlers, Müller & Franke, 1994 
North Sea for Typhlopolycystis coeca Karling, 1956 
North Sea for Vannuccia umbilica Sopott, 1972 
North Sea for Zonorhynchus seminascatus Karling, 1956 
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