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Narayanaswamy & Blake. 2005. A new species of Orbiniella (Polychaeta: Orbiniidae) from deep basins of Antarctica. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 85(4) : 843-846
During the 2002 Antarctic Deep-sea Biodiversity (ANDEEP) programme to the Drake Passage, Weddell Sea Basin and South Sandwich Slope and trench, a new deep-water species of orbiniid polychaete was collected: Orbiniella andeepia sp. nov. Orbiniella andeepia appears to be most closely related to O. marionensis but differs in capillary setal structure, the type and number of acicular spines found in each podial lobe. Orbiniella andeepia is only the third deep-water species of Orbiniella to be discovered. It exhibits both a wide depth- and geographic-range within the Antarctic slope and abyssal sediments.
Weddell Sea
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Weddell Abyssal Plain for Orbiniella andeepia Narayanaswamy & Blake, 2005 

Antarctica: Drake Passage, South Shetland Islands; Northern Weddell Sea Basin; and South Sandwich Slope.  [details]


From fine-medium silts to coarse silts and medium sands.  [details]


The species is named after the acronym used for the Antarctic Deep-sea Biodiversity programme - ANDEEP.  [details]

 Type locality

Antarctica, Northern Weddell Sea Basin.  [details]