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Gould A.A. (1853). Descriptions of shells from the Gulf of California and the Pacific coasts of Mexico and California. Boston Journal of Natural History. 6: 374-407, pls 14-16.
Gould A.A.
Descriptions of shells from the Gulf of California and the Pacific coasts of Mexico and California
Boston Journal of Natural History
6: 374-407, pls 14-16
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Acmaea paleacea Gould, 1853 accepted as Tectura paleacea (Gould, 1853) (original description)
Bulimus excelsus Gould, 1853 accepted as Naesiotus excelsus (Gould, 1853) (original description)
Bulimus vegetus Gould, 1853 accepted as Rabdotus vegetus (Gould, 1853) (original description)
Bulimus vesicalis Gould, 1853 accepted as Bulimus sufflatus Gould in Binney, 1859 accepted as Rabdotus sufflatus (Gould in Binney, 1859) (original description)
Bulla (Akera) culcitella Gould, 1853 accepted as Acteocina culcitella (Gould, 1853) (original description)
Bulla (Tornatina) cerealis Gould, 1853 accepted as Acteocina cerealis (Gould, 1853) (original description)
Chemnitzia tenuicula Gould, 1853 accepted as Turbonilla tenuicula (Gould, 1853) (original description)
Chemnitzia torquata Gould, 1853 accepted as Turbonilla torquata (Gould, 1853) (original description)
Conus comptus Gould, 1853 accepted as Conus purpurascens G. B. Sowerby I, 1833 (original description)
Conus pusillus Gould, 1853 accepted as Conus nux Broderip, 1833 (original description)
Conus ravus Gould, 1853 accepted as Californiconus californicus (Reeve, 1844) (original description)
Crepidula explanata Gould, 1853 accepted as Crepidula perforans Valenciennes, 1846 (original description)
Cyrena altilis Gould, 1853 accepted as Polymesoda mexicana (Broderip & G. B. Sowerby I, 1829) (original description)
Donax flexuosus Gould, 1853 (original description)
Erato leucophaea Gould, 1852 accepted as Archierato columbella (Menke, 1847) (original description)
Fusus ambustus Gould, 1853 accepted as Hesperaptyxis ambustus (Gould, 1853) (original description)
Modulus dorsuosus Gould, 1853 accepted as Modulus disculus (Philippi, 1846) (original description)
Narica ovoidea Gould, 1853 accepted as Iselica ovoidea (Gould, 1853) (original description)
Odostomia achates Gould, 1853 (original description)
Odostomia gravida Gould, 1853 (original description)
Osteodesma nitidum Gould, 1853 accepted as Lyonsia californica Conrad, 1837 (original description)
Physa elata Gould, 1853 accepted as Austrinauta elatus (Gould, 1853) (original description)
Purpura pansa Gould, 1853 accepted as Plicopurpura pansa (Gould, 1853) accepted as Plicopurpura columellaris (Lamarck, 1816) (original description)
Sigaretus debilis Gould, 1853 accepted as Sinum debile (Gould, 1853) (original description)
Tellina (Strigilla) fucata Gould, 1851 accepted as Tellina fucata Gould, 1851 accepted as Strigilla chroma A. E. Salisbury, 1934 (additional source)
Tellina gemma Gould, 1853 accepted as Tellina inaequistriata Donovan, 1802 accepted as Eurytellina inaequistriata (Donovan, 1802) (original description)
Tellina pura Gould, 1853 accepted as Psammotreta pura (Gould, 1853) (original description)
Tellina tersa Gould, 1853 accepted as Macoma nasuta (Conrad, 1837) (original description)
Terebra arguta Gould, 1853 accepted as Mazatlania fulgurata (Philippi, 1846) (original description)
Trochus (Monodonta) pyriformis Gould, 1853 accepted as Tegula gallina (Forbes, 1852) (original description)
Trochus marcidus Gould, 1853 accepted as Tegula pulligo (Gmelin, 1791) (original description)
Trochus picoides Gould, 1853 accepted as Livona pica (Linnaeus, 1758) accepted as Cittarium pica (Linnaeus, 1758) (original description)
Venus tantillus Gould, 1853 accepted as Nutricola tantilla (Gould, 1853) (original description)
Acapulco for Modulus dorsuosus Gould, 1853 
California for Acmaea paleacea Gould, 1853 
California for Bulimus excelsus Gould, 1853 
California for Bulimus vesicalis Gould, 1853 
California for Chemnitzia tenuicula Gould, 1853 
California for Chemnitzia torquata Gould, 1853 
California for Conus ravus Gould, 1853 
California for Osteodesma nitidum Gould, 1853 
California for Physa elata Gould, 1853  (inaccurate)
California for Tellina gemma Gould, 1853 
California for Trochus picoides Gould, 1853  (inaccurate)
California for Venus tantillus Gould, 1853 
Florida for Mitra florida Gould, 1856 
Gulf of California for Sigaretus debilis Gould, 1853 
Gulf of California for Terebra arguta Gould, 1853 
Mazatlan for Conus pusillus Gould, 1853 
Mazatlan for Fusus ambustus Gould, 1853 
Mazatlan for Narica ovoidea Gould, 1853 
Mazatlan for Odostomia achates Gould, 1853 
Mazatlan for Tellina (Strigilla) fucata Gould, 1851 
Mexican part of the North Pacific Ocean for Cyrena altilis Gould, 1853 
Mexico for Bulimus vegetus Gould, 1853 
Monterey for Crepidula explanata Gould, 1853 
Monterey for Trochus marcidus Gould, 1853 
Panamanian part of the North Pacific Ocean for Tellina pura Gould, 1853 
Panamanian part of the North Pacific Ocean for Tellina tersa Gould, 1853 
San Diego for Trochus (Monodonta) pyriformis Gould, 1853 
Santa Barbara for Bulla (Akera) culcitella Gould, 1853 
Santa Barbara for Bulla (Tornatina) cerealis Gould, 1853 
Santa Barbara for Conus comptus Gould, 1853 
Santa Barbara for Donax flexuosus Gould, 1853 
Santa Barbara for Erato leucophaea Gould, 1852 
Santa Barbara for Odostomia gravida Gould, 1853 
 Type locality

Santa Barbara [details]