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Parapar, J.; Helgason, G. V.; Jirkov, I.; Moreira, J. 2011. Taxonomy and distribution of the genus Amphicteis (Polychaeta: Ampharetidae) collected by the BIOICE project in Icelandic waters. Journal of Natural History 45(23-24): 1477-1499
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Based on material collected during the BIOICE project off Iceland, four species of polychaetous annelids belonging to the genus Amphicteis Grube, 1850 (Polychaeta: Ampharetidae) were found: Amphicteis gunneri, Amphicteis ninonae, Amphicteis vestis and Amphicteis wesenbergae sp. nov. The differences between A. gunneri and A. ninonae, two species usually confused in the literature, are reviewed. Amphicteis vestis is described from newly collected material and its taxonomy in relation to other ampharetid taxa with modified notopodia is discussed. Amphicteis wesenbergae sp. nov. is described; the new species is characterized by the presence of long, slender and evenly tapered paleae, and long dorsal cirri on thoracic and abdominal neuropodia. Several body characters with high value in Amphicteis taxonomy, particularly the dorsolateral protrusions of abdominal chaetigers called rudimentary notopodia, are reviewed using scanning electron microscopy. A key to species of the genus Amphicteis described or reported in European Boreo-Arctic waters is provided.
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