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Wiedenmayer, F. (1978). Modern sponge bioherms of the Great Bahama Bank.. Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae. 71 (3): 699-744.
Wiedenmayer, F.
Modern sponge bioherms of the Great Bahama Bank.
Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae
71 (3): 699-744
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Bioherms are described which occur in the grapestone facies northwest of Joulters Cays with its associated oolotic shoals (north of Andros Island). Some species of sponges, chiefly hadromerids, are believed to be responsible for early lithification based on the evidence of preliminary investigations in situ. Spheciospongia vesparia (Lamarck) is by far the most important of these species. The lithified plates are later colonized by serpulids, encrusting coralline algae and bryozoans, scleractinians which occasionally build up conspicuous tall structures together with special adventitious sponges. Other colonists of these bioherms are diverse sponges and alcyonarians belonging to species common in the coralgal facies of the platform margin.
Caribbean region
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