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Aziz, Najmud Din. (1938). Fauna of Karachi. 2. Polychaetes of Karachi. Memoirs of the Department of Zoology, Panjab University. 1: 18-52, plates 3-8.
Aziz, Najmud Din
Fauna of Karachi. 2. Polychaetes of Karachi
Memoirs of the Department of Zoology, Panjab University
1: 18-52, plates 3-8
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[Introduction] Material for study was collected from Manora (Karachi) in 1927. A further collection was made in 1930. The present report deals with. 34 species belonging to 23 genera and 11 families. Of these four are new to science. Only three orders of Polychaeta, viz., Nereidiformia, Terebelliformia and Sabelliformia are represented in the collection. The shore fauna appears to be richer in species than in genera. Amphinomidae, Nereidae, Eunicidae, Terebellidae and Sabellidae are commonly met with in Manora (Karachi). An account of the genus Eurythoe from the same locality has already been given in a previous monograph (1927). Although the family Nereidae is very common on the sandy parts of the coast, several species have not been described as it was found difficult to dissect out the retracted probosces of preserved specimens. Eunicidae is restricted to the rocky part of the ledge. Marphysa corallina (Kinberg), which has already been recorded from Madagascar and Cape of Good Hope, is present in the collection. This is the commonest of all Eunicids in Manora and can be easily got by breakng the stones, at low tide. These fairly long worms live in crevices of stones. Amongst the Terebellids Loimia medusa (Savigny) is the commonest and seems to have attained to a large size. The tubes of Terebellids and Sabellids vary both in shape and composition; those of the family Terebellidae are long, cemented with broken mollusc shells or fine pieces of stones. Sabellids have long tubes of mud.
Indian Ocean, Western
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Dasychone gravelyi Aziz, 1938 accepted as Branchiomma gravelyi (Aziz, 1938) (original description)
Dasychone kumari Aziz, 1938 accepted as Pseudobranchiomma orientalis (McIntosh, 1885) (original description)
Eunice manorae Aziz, 1938 (original description)
Perinereis matthaii Aziz, 1938 (original description)
 Depth range

Shore.  [details]


Manora, Karachi (Pakistan, Indian Ocean). Known only from the type locality.  [details]


Not stated, but the species is certainly named in honour of Prof. George Matthai (b. 1887; d. Cambridge, UK, 25 June ... [details]


Probably in sand, in the shore: ''The shore fauna appears to be richer in species than in genera. [...] Although ... [details]


A database original input error of 'graveleyi' instead of 'gravelyi' was corrected 13Jan2016 [details]

 Type locality

Manora, Karachi, Pakistan, Indian Ocean (gazetteer estimate 24.794º, 66.974º).  [details]