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Blainville, H. de. (1828). Mollusques, Vers et Zoophytes. In: Dictionnaire des Sciences Naturelles, F.G. Levrault, Strasbourg & Paris. Volume 57.
Blainville, H. de
Mollusques, Vers et Zoophytes.
In: Dictionnaire des Sciences Naturelles, F.G. Levrault, Strasbourg & Paris.
Volume 57
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Capitella Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Capitella fabricii Blainville, 1828 accepted as Capitella capitata (Fabricius, 1780) (original description)
Chydorus Leach, 1816 (additional source)
Cirrhineris Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Cirrhineris bellavistae Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Cirrhineris filigera Lesson in Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Cymospira bicornis (Abildgaard, 1789) accepted as Spirobranchus giganteus (Pallas, 1766) (new combination reference)
Cymospira stellata (Abildgaard, 1789) accepted as Pomatostegus stellatus (Abildgaard, 1789) (basis of record)
Eumolpe Oken, 1807 accepted as Lepidonotus Leach, 1816 (taxonomy source)
Eumolpe longissima Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Eumolpe muricata (Lamarck, 1818) accepted as Iphione muricata (Lamarck, 1818) (new combination reference)
Eumolpe squamata Blainville, 1828 accepted as Lepidonotus clava (Montagu, 1808) (original description)
Fabricia Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Hermione Blainville, 1828 accepted as Laetmonice Kinberg, 1856 (original description)
Lumbricina (original description)
Lumbricus squamatus Müller, 1806 accepted as Scolelepis (Scolelepis) squamata (O.F. Muller, 1806) (source of synonymy)
Lumbrineris Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Lumbrineris pallasii Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Lumbrineris pallasii Blainville, 1828 (source of synonymy)
Lumbrineris splendida Blainville, 1828 (basis of record)
Lumbrineris splendida Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Naineris Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Nereidice Blainville, 1828 accepted as Lysidice Lamarck, 1818 (original description)
Nereidonta Blainville, 1828 accepted as Eunice Cuvier, 1817 (original description)
Nereidonta paretti Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Nereimyra Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Nereiphylla Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Nereiphylla paretti Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Nereis clava Blainville, 1825 accepted as Nephtys hombergii Savigny in Lamarck, 1818 (redescription)
Nereis lumbricalis Blainville, 1825 accepted as Lumbrineris splendida Blainville, 1828 (source of synonymy)
Nereis splendida (Lamarck, 1818) accepted as Hesione splendida Lamarck, 1818 (status source)
Nereisyllis Blainville, 1828 accepted as Proceraea Ehlers, 1864 (original description)
Nereisyllis ornata Blainville, 1828 accepted as Syllis armillaris (O.F. Müller, 1776) (original description)
Pectinaria bifurcata Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Polyodontes Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Rocellaria Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Scolelepis Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Scoletoma Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Scoletoma fragilis (O.F. Müller, 1776) (source of synonymy)
Scoloplos Blainville, 1828 (original description)
Spiramella Blainville, 1828 accepted as Protula Risso, 1826 (original description)
Spiramella bispiralis (Savigny, 1822) accepted as Protula bispiralis (Savigny, 1822) (basis of record)
Trochus cinereus Linnaeus, 1758 sensu Blainville, 1826 accepted as Gibbula umbilicalis (da Costa, 1778) accepted as Steromphala umbilicalis (da Costa, 1778) (basis of record)

Oken (1807: 1168) introduces 'Eumolpe' for 'Aphrodite squammata' [sic] as a bare name, almost a nomen nudum except ... [details]


The context shows Blainville clearly was using Hesione splendida in Savigny (already published by Lamarck) as the ... [details]


The genus name Polyodontes derives from an unpublished manuscript name of Renier, introduced in synonymy by ... [details]


Original diagnosis by Blainville (1828: 493): ''Corps alongé, cylindrique, atténué aux extrémités, et composé ... [details]

 Editor's comment

Was recorded in WoRMS as "Cymospira bicornis Abildgaard, 1789 in Blainville, 1828" but the authorship is simply by ... [details]


Not stated. As the type species was removed from the clitellate genus Nais, one can speculate the formulation ... [details]


Not stated. Presumably the generic name is composed by the name of the genus Nereis Linnaeus, 1758, the type of the ... [details]


Not stated in the original description. The name of the genus seems to be composed by the names of the genera ... [details]


Not stated. The generic named seems to be composed by the Greek words scole, meaning 'worm', and lepis, meaning ... [details]


Not stated in the original description. The generic name Scoloplos is from the Greek, a masculine word referring to ... [details]

 Grammatical gender

Feminine. Past authors treat the genus as feminine. If the second part of the name is based on Nereis, which is ... [details]


Junior homonym Hermione Blainville, 1828 is preoccupied by Hermione Meigen, 1800 (Diptera), and was replaced by ... [details]

 New combination

Blainville (1825, vol. 34) recombines Hesione splendida of Savigny p.40 to Nereis splendida, but later (1828, ... [details]


Replacement name "not Polynoe longissima Blainville, 1828" (Imajima & Hartman, 1964: 22). However this may be ... [details]


Blainville introduced this name in volume 34 of the Dictionary as "La N. éclatante; N. splendida, Nereis clava , ... [details]

 Type species

Type species Lumbricus squamatus O.F. Müller 1776, by monotypy but Blainville misreported the name as L. ... [details]