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Marshall, J. I., Rowe, F. W. E. (1981). The Crinoids of Madagascar. Bulletin Museum national d'Histoire naturelle. 4(3):379-413.
Marshall, J. I., Rowe, F. W. E.
The Crinoids of Madagascar
Bulletin Museum national d'Histoire naturelle
A collection of crinoids from the vicinity of the Malagasy Republic is identified. Three new species are described in the genera Chondrometra, Iridometra and Pentametrocrinus.
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East Africa for Antedon arabica (AH Clark, 1937) 
Fort Dauphin for Iridometra malagasiensis Marshall & Rowe, 1981 
Madagascar for Andrometra indica (AH Clark, 1909) 
Madagascar for Antedon arabica (AH Clark, 1937) 
Madagascar for Capillaster multiradiata (Linnaeus, 1758) 
Madagascar for Cenometra emendatrix madagascarensis AM Clark, 1972 
Madagascar for Chondrometra crosnieri Marshall & Rowe, 1981 
Madagascar for Comanthus parvicirrus (Müller, 1841) 
Madagascar for Comanthus wahlbergii tenuibrachia AM Clark, 1972 
Madagascar for Comaster distinctus (Carpenter, 1888) 
Madagascar for Commissia ignota AH Clark, 1911 
Madagascar for Crotalometra magnicirra (Bell, 1905) 
Madagascar for Dichrometra austini AM Clark, 1972 
Madagascar for Dichrometra flagellata (Müller, 1841) 
Madagascar for Dorometra mauritiana (AH Clark, 1911) 
Madagascar for Heterometra madagascarensis (AH Clark, 1911) 
Madagascar for Iridometra malagasiensis Marshall & Rowe, 1981 
Madagascar for Lamprometra klunzingeri (Hartlaub, 1890) 
Madagascar for Macrophthalmus (Chaenostoma) boscii Audouin, 1826 
Madagascar for Oligometra serripinna occidentalis AH Clark, 1911 
Madagascar for Perometra afra AH Clark, 1911 
Madagascar for Stephanometra indica (Smith, 1876) 
Madagascar for Thalassometra electrae John, 1937 
Madagascar for Tropiometra carinata carinata (Lamarck, 1816) 
Madagascar for Tropiometra magnifica AH Clark, 1936 
Omani Exclusive Economic Zone for Antedon arabica (AH Clark, 1937) 
Red Sea for Comaster distinctus (Carpenter, 1888) 
Socotra for Thalassometra electrae John, 1937 

Also distributed in Port Blair (Andaman Islands), depth range 205-415 m. (Marshall & Rowe, 1981). [details]


Off Madagascar; Depth range : 1,800-2,000 m [details]


Holotype in Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris (France) EcCs 1395. Type locality: 21° 26.5' S, 43° 11' ... [details]

 Type locality

south coast of Arabia (19°22'36'' N, 57°53' E) (A.H. Clark & A.M. Clark, 1967). [details]

 Type locality

Fort Dauphin, Madagascar (Marshall & Rowe, 1981). [details]

 Type locality

Sokotra (Marshall & Rowe, 1981). [details]

 Type material

Museum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris. Holotype MNHN ECCH 140, paratype MNHN EcCs 1168. (Marshall & Rowe, 1981). [details]