New version of taxon match online

Added on 2010-07-19 12:55:49 by Appeltans, Ward
VLIZ has implemented a more powerful semi-automated tool to cross-check species lists against the WoRMS database (called Aphia). Click on Match taxa in the menu. You can upload a list of species names and the system will return your file matched with the species names in WoRMS. It notifies when the name is an unaccepted synonym, if the spelling is not exact (phonetic or near matches), the authority and publication date, the hierarchical classification, quality status (expert validated or not), the persistent WoRMS LSID and citation for each name. When there are multiple matches the system provides a pick-list.
The tool is an implementation of the TAXAMATCH fuzzy matching algorithm written by Tony Rees (CSIRO, Australia), the PHP/MySql port of TAXAMATCH by Michael Giddens (SilverBiology) and the Scientific Names Parser by Dmitry Mozzherin (EoL). The tool comprises a suite of custom filters and tests used in succession on genus, species epithet, plus authority where supplied.

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