The Canadian Register of Marine Species is now available online

Added on 2010-11-23 17:24:15 by Kennedy, Mary
CaRMS is one of the regional species registers in WoRMS, containing authoritative species distribution records for marine areas of interest to Canadian researchers and includes taxa found in three oceans: the Atlantic, the Arctic and the Pacific.
CaRMS grew from local registers of marine species, such as the Northwest Atlantic Register of Marine Species and the Gulf of Maine Register of Marine Species and was expanded to contain distribution records from our Central, Arctic and Pacific regions – as well as areas of interest that may fall outside of Canadian waters.

CaRMS was created as part of a Fisheries and Oceans Canada National Science Data Management Committee project with the objective to compile and manage an authoritative list of taxa specific to the interests of Canadians for use in aquatic biodiversity research, conservation and sustainable management. CaRMS will include species from the three realms of marine waters: the seafloor (benthos), the water column (plankton and nekton) and the sea-ice.



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