Launch of the World Register of Deep-Sea Species (WoRDSS)

Added on 2012-12-04 14:18:16 by Horton, Tammy
We are pleased to announce the launch of the World Register of Deep-Sea Species, a new web portal in close collaboration with the WoRMS team at VLIZ and with the help of the taxonomic editors. The World Register of Deep-Sea species aims to bring together the most up-to-date taxonomy with a suite of identification tools (online keys, monographs and papers) recommended by taxonomic experts.
Access to taxonomic resources is problematic for non-specialists (with the keys and guides often old /out of print or difficult to find).
By linking these resources to WoRDSS the database will become an easy way for non-specialists to locate the most useful references, keys & guides that for identification of a particular taxon and will better serve the taxonomic user community.
Additionally, taxon pages will be supplemented with high quality, verified images where possible to aid identification. All deep-sea biologists will be able to use this website as a rapid tool to search for deep-sea species, create deep-sea species lists and browse using an up-to-date taxonomy. This work is funded by INDEEP ( and managed by Adrian Glover, Nick Higgs (NHMUK) and Tammy Horton (NOC).


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