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Added on 2013-01-09 23:09:14 by Costello, Mark
This Collection has been created by the editors of the World Register of Marine Species, an open-access online database which holds information on all marine species, and some of their freshwater and terrestrial relatives. The WoRMS database contains species names, synonyms, sources and a range of other information, as described in the collection overview paper (Costello et al. 2012).
The collection complements the database by synthesising current knowledge and understanding about a variety of taxa. Papers can cover any taxonomic level, from a genus to phylum, and any number of species. Some phyla have only a few species and some genera over a hundred. The scope of individual papers may vary because of the peculiarities of the taxon, available information, and interests of the authors. However, they generally contain information on the history, anatomy and diagnostic features, ecology, biogeography, physiology, and economic importance. Because WoRMS is an open-access resource, the database is freely available to all readers. Papers continue to be added to this collection, and are listed below in the order they have been published.

Collection Citation: The World Register of Marine Species (2013) PLOS Collections

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