NEW World Asteroidea Database

Added on 2009-02-16 12:06:53 by Chris Mah
I just wished to announce that the World Asteroidea Database containing all currently accepted starfish names (over 1,800 and counting) is now up and running! Visit
The database includes currently accepted names as well as synonyms and other various problematic taxa and was built around Ailsa Clark's starfish names list published in Echinoderm Studies, but includes much more. Much work remains to be done..but the nomenclatural foundation has been established.

The World Asteroidea Database follows the World Ophiuroidea Database established by Sabine Stohr and Tim O'Hara and it is my understanding that subsequent efforts to database the remaining extant Echinodermata are on their way!

Please let me know if you have a new asteroid species being published so that I can update the Database as quickly as possible.

I wanted to thank Sabine Stohr, Ward Appeltans, and Mark Costello who encouraged and facilitated its development and I wished to thank Kate Naughton, Tom Schlager, and Heloise Chenelot for the use of their images.

Chris Mah
"Visiting Scientist" at the USNM

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