WoRMS Achievement Award & WoRMS Early Career Researchers Award

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For the second time, WoRMS will recognize one of its editors through the WoRMS Achievement Award. In addition, the Steering Committee has agreed to hand out its first Early Career Researchers Award.
It is time again to nominate editors! This time, not only for the WoRMS Achievement Award, but also for the newly established WoRMS Early Career Researchers Award. 

The WoRMS Achievement Award is an annual recognition of an editor or team who has made an outstanding contribution to WoRMS. This Award was first handed out last year, to Philippe Bouchet (Museum Nationalle d’Historie Naturelle, Paris, France), the lead taxonomic editor for Mollusca in WoRMS and a leading scientist in the precursor of WoRMS, the European Register of Marine Species.

The WoRMS Early Career Researchers Award will be handed out for the first time this year, and is intended to recognize the effort of a scientist who has contributed to WoRMS significantly within about 10 years of their PhD.

All WoRMS editors, members of the Steering Committee and the Data Management Team can make nominations.

WoRMS Achievement Award:
Each nomination should detail in up to 2 pages why the nominee’s contributions to WoRMS are outstanding, together with the details of the nominee and nominator. A number of criteria for eligibility are taken into account by the jury, consisting of Gustav Paulay (chair of the Jury), Nicolas Bailly, Chris Boyko, Tina Molodtsova, Michelle Klautau, Noa Shenkar & Frederic Sinniger.

WoRMS Early Career Researchers Award:
Your nomination needs to include a paragraph (ca. 500 words) why you think that the person you are nominating should get this Award. In your text, do not forget to mention why they are eligible and what their contributions to WoRMS have been so far. You can bolster up your nomination with quotes from other colleagues or by adding information from the WoRMS statistics pages.Also here, a jury will evaluate the received nominations.

Both awardees will receive a certificate.

Deadlines for nominations:

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