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Miller, M. J. (1941). A critical study of Stafford's report on "Trematodes of Canadian fishes" based on his trematode collection. Canadian Journal of Research. 19, 28-52.
Miller, M. J.
A critical study of Stafford's report on "Trematodes of Canadian fishes" based on his trematode collection.
Canadian Journal of Research
19, 28-52.
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Azygia angusticauda (Stafford, 1904) Manter, 1926 (redescription)
Azygia longa (Leidy, 1851) Manter, 1926 (additional source)
Brachyphallus crenatus (Rudolphi, 1802) Odhner, 1905 (redescription)
Centrovarium lobotes (MacCallum, 1895) Stafford, 1904 (redescription)
Crepidostomum cooperi Hopkins, 1932 (redescription)
Cryptogonimus diaphanus (Stafford, 1904) Miller, 1941 (redescription)
Cryptogonimus diaphanus (Stafford, 1904) Miller, 1941 (new combination reference)
Derogenes varicus (Müller, 1784) Looss, 1901 (redescription)
Deropristis inflata (Molin, 1859) Odhner, 1902 (redescription)
Fellodistomum agnotum Nicoll, 1909 (redescription)
Fellodistomum fellis (Olsson, 1868) Nicoll, 1909 (redescription)
Hemiurus levinseni Odhner, 1905 (redescription)
Homalometron pallidum Stafford, 1904 (redescription)
Lepidapedon rachion (Cobbold, 1858) Stafford, 1904 (redescription)
Lepidophyllum steenstrupi Odhner, 1902 (redescription)
Neophasis oculata (Levinsen, 1881) Miller, 1941 (new combination reference)
Neophasis pusilla Stafford, 1904 (redescription)
Otodistomum cestoides (Van Beneden, 1870) Odhner, 1911 (redescription)
Phyllodistomum folium (Olfers, 1816) Braun, 1899 (redescription)
Plagioporus serotinus Stafford, 1904 (redescription)
Podocotyle atomon (Rudolphi, 1802) Odhner, 1905 (redescription)
Podocotyle reflexa (Creplin, 1825) Odhner, 1905 (redescription)
Podocotyle staffordi Miller, 1941 accepted as Podocotyle angulata Dujardin, 1845 (original description)
Prosorhynchus squamatus Odhner, 1905 (redescription)
Sinistroporus productus Stafford, 1904 accepted as Podocotyle producta (Stafford, 1904) Yamaguti, 1954 accepted as Podocotyle reflexa (Creplin, 1825) Odhner, 1905 (source of synonymy)
Steganoderma formosum Stafford, 1904 (redescription)
Stenakron vetustum Stafford, 1904 (redescription)
Stenocollum fragile (Linton, 1900) Stafford, 1904 accepted as Dihemistephanus fragilis (Linton, 1900) Yamaguti, 1971 (redescription)
Steringophorus furciger (Olsson, 1868) Odhner, 1905 (redescription)
Canadian Atlantic Coast for Brachyphallus crenatus (Rudolphi, 1802) Odhner, 1905 
Canadian Atlantic Coast for Derogenes varicus (Müller, 1784) Looss, 1901 
Canadian Atlantic Coast for Fellodistomum fellis (Olsson, 1868) Nicoll, 1909 
Canadian Atlantic Coast for Hemiurus levinseni Odhner, 1905 
Canadian Atlantic Coast for Homalometron pallidum Stafford, 1904 
Canadian Atlantic Coast for Lepidapedon rachion (Cobbold, 1858) Stafford, 1904 
Canadian Atlantic Coast for Lepidophyllum steenstrupi Odhner, 1902 
Canadian Atlantic Coast for Neophasis pusilla Stafford, 1904 
Canadian Atlantic Coast for Otodistomum cestoides (Van Beneden, 1870) Odhner, 1911 
Canadian Atlantic Coast for Prosorhynchus squamatus Odhner, 1905 
Canadian Atlantic Coast for Steganoderma formosum Stafford, 1904 
Canadian Atlantic Coast for Stenocollum fragile (Linton, 1900) Stafford, 1904 
Canadian Atlantic Coast for Steringophorus furciger (Olsson, 1868) Odhner, 1905 
Canadian part of the North Atlantic Ocean for Podocotyle atomon (Rudolphi, 1802) Odhner, 1905 
Canadian part of the North Atlantic Ocean for Podocotyle staffordi Miller, 1941 
Canadian part of the North Atlantic Ocean for Stenakron vetustum Stafford, 1904 
Eastern Canada for Azygia angusticauda (Stafford, 1904) Manter, 1926 
Eastern Canada for Azygia longa (Leidy, 1851) Manter, 1926 
Eastern Canada for Centrovarium lobotes (MacCallum, 1895) Stafford, 1904 
Eastern Canada for Crepidostomum cooperi Hopkins, 1932 
Eastern Canada for Cryptogonimus diaphanus (Stafford, 1904) Miller, 1941 
Eastern Canada for Deropristis inflata (Molin, 1859) Odhner, 1902 
Eastern Canada for Phyllodistomum folium (Olfers, 1816) Braun, 1899 
Eastern Canada for Plagioporus serotinus Stafford, 1904