Application for a download of the World Register of Marine Species (taxonomic data only)

Users are requested to provide detailed information relating to the planned usage of the data. Partial or incomplete applications will not be considered. Data downloads include taxonomic data only and are provided in Darwin Core (CSV) format

All WoRMS content is open-access. It is created by the time of contributors and the host institution staff, and supported by intermittent funding that they obtain through submitting proposals to research funding agencies and foundations.We encourage you to consider financial support for WoRMS in your own funding applications. These funds will be used to support experts with grants to improve the content of the database. Information on how you can financially support the database is available at:

User License Agreement for specified database access

If this request for access as specified is approved I agree:
  1. to ensure that no copies are made of the database such that they may be passed onto others who have not signed this agreement,
  2. to cite the database and/or its parts in any publications or presentations that utilise the database,
  3. to ensure that no part of the database is available online because this may create confusion with the current version available online, or if parts may be visible online to verify by email that this is acceptable to the WoRMS Data Manager,
  4. that VLIZ and the WoRMS editors have no liability for any errors in the data, or for the subsequent interpretations, transactions, or any other use carried out which incorporate WoRMS data errors,
  5. that if I discover errors or omissions in the database that I will inform the appropriate current editor for that taxon and copy the Data Manager, so that the quality of the database may continue to be improved,
  6. that this agreement will expire in one year after which I may submit a new request. I may download a new copy of the database taxonomic content each month,
  7. that data supplied will be only the taxonomic data in WoRMS, unless supply of additional data types has been approved.