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Pearse, A.S. (1952). Parasitic Crustacea from the Texas coast. Publications of the Institute of Marine Science, Port Aransas. 1952:1-42, figs. 1-157. (xii-1952).
Pearse, A.S.
Parasitic Crustacea from the Texas coast.
Publications of the Institute of Marine Science, Port Aransas
1952:1-42, figs. 1-157. (xii-1952)
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Acanthochondria albigutta Pearse, 1952 accepted as Acanthochondria galerita (Rathbun, 1886) (original description)
Acanthochondria cyclopsetta Pearse, 1952 (original description)
Acanthochondria tenuis Pearse, 1952 accepted as Berea ancoralis (Bere, 1936) accepted as Bereacanthus ancoralis (Bere, 1936) (original description)
Brachiella coryphaenae Pearse, 1952 accepted as Brachiella quaternia (Wilson C.B., 1935) (original description)
Brachiella rotunda Pearse, 1952 accepted as Parabrachiella rotunda (Pearse, 1952) (original description)
Caligus bifurcatus Pearse, 1952 accepted as Tuxophorus caligodes Wilson C.B., 1908 (original description)
Caligus rectus Pearse, 1952 accepted as Caligus chorinemi Krøyer, 1863 (original description)
Caligus sarda Pearse, 1952 accepted as Caligus bonito Wilson C.B., 1905 accepted as Caligus bonito bonito Wilson C.B., 1905 (original description)
Caligus sciaenops Pearse, 1952 (original description)
Caligus validus Pearse, 1952 accepted as Caligus robustus Bassett-Smith, 1898 (original description)
Caligus ventrosetosus Pearse, 1952 (original description)
Dysgamus limbatus Pearse, 1952 (original description)
Elytrophora coryphaenae Pearse, 1952 accepted as Euryphorus nordmannii Milne Edwards, 1840 (original description)
Eudactylina breviabdomina Pearse, 1952 (original description)
Grandiungus Pearse, 1952 (original description)
Grandiungus promicrops Pearse, 1952 (original description)
Livoneca texana Pearse, 1952 (original description)
Naobranchia spinosa Pearse, 1952 (original description)
Parapetalus gunteri Pearse, 1952 accepted as Parapetalus occidentalis Wilson C.B., 1908 (original description)
Pseudocycnus spinosus Pearse, 1952 accepted as Pseudocycnus appendiculatus Heller, 1865 (original description)
Sagum texanum Pearse, 1952 (original description)
Taeniacanthus lagocephali Pearse, 1952 (original description)
Telson Pearse, 1952 (original description)
Telson elongatus Pearse, 1952 (original description)
Tuccopsis Pearse, 1952 accepted as Blias Krøyer, 1863 (original description)
Tuccopsis pinguis Pearse, 1952 accepted as Blias prionoti Krøyer, 1863 (original description)