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Aponurus Looss, 1907

108769  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:108769)

Aponurus laguncula Looss, 1907 (type by original designation)
Bilqeesotrema Gupta & Jain, 1991 (synonym according to Gibson, 2002)
Species Aponurus acropomatis Yamaguti, 1938
Species Aponurus balisti Szuks, 1981
Species Aponurus brevicaudatus Yamaguti, 1934
Species Aponurus breviformis Srivastava, 1939
Species Aponurus californicus Noble & Orias, 1970
Species Aponurus callionymi Yamaguti, 1938
Species Aponurus carangis Yamaguti, 1952
Species Aponurus chelebesoi Bray & Cribb, 2000
Species Aponurus clupanodontis Qiu & Liang in Shen & Qiu, 1995
Species Aponurus collichthydis Qiu & Liang in Shen & Qiu, 1995
Species Aponurus drepani Hafeezullah, 1990
Species Aponurus eleutheronematis Shen, 1987
Species Aponurus galeatus (Looss, 1907)
Species Aponurus halieutae Shen, 1987
Species Aponurus laguncula Looss, 1907
Species Aponurus lizae Shen in Shen & Qiu, 1995
Species Aponurus megaloporus Shen & Li, 2000
Species Aponurus mulli Carreras-Aubets, Repulles-Albelda, Kostadinova & Carrasson, 2011
Species Aponurus orientalis Ahmad, 1981
Species Aponurus pacificus Noble & Orias, 1975
Species Aponurus priacanthi Yamaguti, 1970
Species Aponurus pyriformis (Linton, 1910) Overstreet, 1973
Species Aponurus rhinoplagusiae Yamaguti, 1934
Species Aponurus sigani Abdel Aal, Banaja & Al-Zanbagi, 1984
Species Aponurus synagris Yamaguti, 1953
Species Aponurus tschugunovi Issaitschikov, 1927
Species Aponurus uraspis Shen, 1990

Species Aponurus theraponi (Gupta & Jain, 1991) Madhavi, 2011 (taxon inquirendum)

Species Aponurus acanthuri Manter & Pritchard, 1960 accepted as Lecithophyllum acanthuri (Manter & Pritchard, 1960) Yamaguti, 1970 (Superseded combination)
Species Aponurus argentini Polyansky, 1952 accepted as Lecithophyllum botryophoron (Olsson, 1868) Odhner, 1905 (synonym acc. to Gaevaskaja (1989))
Species Aponurus bengalensis Srivastava, 1939 accepted as Aponurus intermedius Manter, 1934 (synonym)
Species Aponurus bowersi Leiper & Atkinson, 1914 accepted as Genolinea bowersi (Leiper & Atkinson, 1914) Skrjabin & Guschanskaja, 1955 (synonym)
Species Aponurus cheilionis (Fischthal & Kuntz, 1964) accepted as Lecithophyllum cheilionis (Fischthal & Kuntz, 1964) Yamaguti, 1971 (synonym)
Species Aponurus drepanei Hafeezullah, 1990 accepted as Aponurus drepani Hafeezullah, 1990 (lapsus)
Species Aponurus elongatus Siddiqi & Cable, 1960 accepted as Aponurus laguncula Looss, 1907 (synonym)
Species Aponurus intermedius Manter, 1934 accepted as Lecithophyllum intermedium (Manter, 1934) Margolis, 1958 (Superseded combination)
Species Aponurus sphaerolecithus Manter, 1925 accepted as Lecithophyllum sphaerolecithum (Manter, 1925) Manter, 1947 (synonym)
Species Aponurus symmetrorchis Siddiqi & Cable, 1960 accepted as Lecithophyllum pyriforme (Linton, 1910) Yamaguti, 1958 (synonym)
Species Aponurus trachinoti Manter, 1940 accepted as Aponurus laguncula Looss, 1907 (synonym)
Species Aponurus vitellograndis Layman, 1930 accepted as Hysterolecitha vitellograndis (Layman, 1930) Skrjabin & Guschanskaja, 1954 (superseded combination)
Species Aponurus waltairensis Hussain, Rao & Shyamasundari, 1984 accepted as Aponurus laguncula Looss, 1907 (synonym according to Bray & McKenzie, 1990)
marine, brackish
Looss, A. (1907). Zur Kenntnis der Distomenfamilie Hemiuridae. <em>Zoologischer Anzeiger.</em> 31, 585–620.
page(s): 607 [details]   
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