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Legakis, A. (2001). Insecta, in: Costello, M.J. et al. (Ed.) (2001). European register of marine species: a check-list of the marine species in Europe and a bibliography of guides to their identification. Collection Patrimoines Naturels, 50: pp. 323-324
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Aepophilus Signoret, 1879 (basis of record)
Aepophilus bonnairei Signoret, 1879 (basis of record)
Aepopsis Jeannel, 1922 (basis of record)
Aepopsis robinii (Laboulbene, 1849) (basis of record)
Aepus Leach in Samouelle, 1819 (basis of record)
Aepus marinus (Stroem, 1788) (basis of record)
Anisolabis Fieber, 1853 (basis of record)
Anisolabis maritima (Bonelli, 1832) (basis of record)
Anurida Laboulbène, 1865 (basis of record)
Anurida maritima (Guérin-Méneville, 1836) (basis of record)
Anuridellla Willem, 1906 accepted as Anuridella Willem, 1906 (basis of record)
Anuridellla marina Willem, 1906 accepted as Anuridella marina Willem, 1906 (basis of record)
Archaeognatha (basis of record)
Axelsonia Börner, 1906 (basis of record)
Axelsonia littoralis (Moniez, 1890) (basis of record)
Bledius Leach, 1819 (basis of record)
Bledius spectabilis Kraatz, 1857 (basis of record)
Broscus Panzer, 1813 (basis of record)
Broscus cephalotes Linnaeus, 1758 (basis of record)
Carabidae Latreille, 1802 (basis of record)
Carcinophoridae (basis of record)
Chironomidae (basis of record)
Clunio Haliday, 1855 (basis of record)
Clunio adriaticus Schiner, 1856 (basis of record)
Clunio balticus Heimbach, 1978 (basis of record)
Clunio marinus Haliday, 1855 (basis of record)
Clunio ponticus Michailova, 1980 (basis of record)
Coleoptera (basis of record)
Collembola (basis of record)
Dermaptera (basis of record)
Diglotta Champion, 1887 (basis of record)
Diglotta submarina Fairmaire, 1856 accepted as Diglotta mersa (Haliday, 1837) (basis of record)
Diptera (basis of record)
Entomobryidae (basis of record)
Ephydra Fallén, 1810 (basis of record)
Ephydra macellaria Egger, 1862 (basis of record)
Ephydridae Zetterstedt, 1837 (basis of record)
Eurynebria Ganglbauer, 1891 (basis of record)
Eurynebria complanata (Linnaeus, 1767) (basis of record)
Halocladius Hirvenoja, 1973 (basis of record)
Halocladius braunsi (Goetghebuer, 1942) (basis of record)
Halocladius fucicola (Edwards, 1926) (basis of record)
Halocladius mediterraneus Hirvenoja, 1973 (basis of record)
Halocladius millenarius (Santos Abreu, 1918) (basis of record)
Halocladius variabilis (Staeger, 1839) (basis of record)
Halocladius varians (Staeger, 1839) (basis of record)
Hemiptera (basis of record)
Hypogastrura Bourlet, 1839 (basis of record)
Hypogastrura viatica (Tullberg, 1872) (basis of record)
Hypogastruridae (basis of record)
Isotomidae (basis of record)
Machilidae (basis of record)
Micralymma Westwood, 1838 (basis of record)
Micralymma marinum (Strøm, 1783) (basis of record)
Neanuridae (basis of record)
Neobisiidae Chamberlin, 1930 (basis of record)
Neobisium Chamberlin, 1930 (basis of record)
Neobisium maritimum (Leach, 1817) (basis of record)
Onychiuridae (basis of record)
Onychiurus Gervais, 1841 (basis of record)
Onychiurus debilis (Moniez) (basis of record)
Onychiurus thalassophila (Bagnall) (basis of record)
Petrobius Leach, 1809 (basis of record)
Petrobius brevistylis Carpenter, 1913 (basis of record)
Petrobius maritimus (Leach, 1809) (basis of record)
Pseudoscorpiones accepted as Pseudoscorpionida (basis of record)
Pseudosinella Schaeffer, 1897 (basis of record)
Pseudosinella halophila Bagnall, 1939 (basis of record)
Saldidae (basis of record)
Staphylinidae Latreille, 1804 (basis of record)
Telmatogeton Schiner, 1866 (basis of record)
Telmatogeton japonicus Tokunaga, 1933 (basis of record)
Telmatogeton pectinatus (Deby, 1889) (basis of record)
Thalassomya Schiner, 1856 (basis of record)
Thalassomya frauenfeldi Schiner, 1856 (basis of record)
Thalassosmittia (Strenzke & Remmert, 1957) (basis of record)
Thalassosmittia atlantica (Stora, 1936) (basis of record)
Thalassosmittia thalassophila (Bequaert & Goetghebuer, 1913) (basis of record)
European waters (ERMS scope) for Aepophilus bonnairei Signoret, 1879 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Aepopsis robinii (Laboulbene, 1849) 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Aepus marinus (Stroem, 1788) 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Anisolabis maritima (Bonelli, 1832) 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Anurida maritima (Guérin-Méneville, 1836) 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Anuridellla marina Willem, 1906 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Axelsonia littoralis (Moniez, 1890) 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Broscus cephalotes Linnaeus, 1758 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Clunio adriaticus Schiner, 1856 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Clunio balticus Heimbach, 1978 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Clunio marinus Haliday, 1855 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Clunio ponticus Michailova, 1980 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Diglotta submarina Fairmaire, 1856 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Ephydra macellaria Egger, 1862 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Eurynebria complanata (Linnaeus, 1767) 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Halocladius braunsi (Goetghebuer, 1942) 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Halocladius fucicola (Edwards, 1926) 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Halocladius mediterraneus Hirvenoja, 1973 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Halocladius millenarius (Santos Abreu, 1918) 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Halocladius variabilis (Staeger, 1839) 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Halocladius varians (Staeger, 1839) 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Hypogastrura viatica (Tullberg, 1872) 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Micralymma marinum (Strøm, 1783) 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Neobisium maritimum (Leach, 1817) 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Onychiurus debilis (Moniez) 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Onychiurus thalassophila (Bagnall) 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Petrobius brevistylis Carpenter, 1913 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Petrobius maritimus (Leach, 1809) 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Pseudosinella halophila Bagnall, 1939 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Telmatogeton japonicus Tokunaga, 1933 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Telmatogeton pectinatus (Deby, 1889) 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Thalassomya frauenfeldi Schiner, 1856 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Thalassosmittia atlantica (Stora, 1936) 
European waters (ERMS scope) for Thalassosmittia thalassophila (Bequaert & Goetghebuer, 1913)